Armored Core Tribute Album

Today I recently found out that OverClocked ReMix created a tribute album for Armored Core. I read the news at Mecha Damashii saying that the album started when the composer, Mattias Häggström Gerdt, started his first taste of the series on Armored Core 4. Mettias explored the rest of the series and became a huge fan of the varied musical styles that are contained within the game. (you will find the news here, it's old btw)

   THE ANSWER - Armored Core Tribute Album
 THE ANSWER - Armored Core Tribute Album

THE ANSWER is the 21st album published by OverClocked ReMix. The album has about 11 tracks by Mattias Häggström Gerdt,15 songs are used from different installment of the franchise; for example, track one start up with a piece from Silent Line and transitions to another from part 4. Also features five vocalists like Jillian Aversa and Deia Vengen. The album was made as a tribute to Kota Hoshino and From Software sound team.
Here's a trailer for you to watch: 
And a list of all songs they have on the album:
  1. Morning, Thinker
  2. Twisted on the Surface
  3. Apex in TECHNO
  4. RAY of Speed
  5. Shining Highway
  6. Hyper Monkey Likes the Dancefloor
  7. Dropping Atoms
  8. Death to the King
  9. We Can See No.373
  10. Over the Pain
  11. Goodbye, Thinker
Also there a free download that you can download for free!
And for bonus, listen to all songs on the album: