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Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix ( or how my fingers hurt )

Typing this search in google twice a day for the last 3 weeks...  "Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix psn Europe release"... Well, they don't hurt anymore actually. That's because google recognizes my search even before I start typing it! I want this game. I really really want it. It's going to bring chilhood memories, afternoons playing with friends, etc. But hey, you americans already have it don't you!?

Here in Europe, and according to Capcom. NO RELEASE DATE. None. Zip. NADA. That's bullshit. I understand USA is "one big country" and that Live service in Xbox is (mostly) global. But hey! Why do we have to wait for this game longer than everyone else in the world!? Europe is divided in many countries, and the UK market is the first of them. I don't even live in the UK  but if a game is good for Americans... it must be good for England, France, Spain, etc. And I'm writing this knowing that tomorrow there's an European PSN actualization but Capcom already confirmed that the game won't be there. I don't know what else to say. I intended to play SSF2HDR and wait for Street Fighter IV... now I don't even know what I'm gonna do... I should get Street Fighter IV and plug my SNES back in... without waiting. Out from the oven...

I'm sick of being European.

PS: Yeah, and I know I could create an American PSN account just for this game... but neither Capcom or I deserve this...

Peace. Shalom :)