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I am so sorry to hear this. Thank you for all the great memories, it has been said before but the fact that I feel so sad about someone that I never met only begins to show how great you were.

For the friends and family, be glad you knew him.

RIP Ryan

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@asmo29a said:

Great for the guys I guess, hoping for the best, even though I'm rather sceptical. They've said time and again how great it is to be doing what they're doing specifically because they're such a small group of people, and now it's all "we've got to grow so we can do the things we want". I guess I'll see what happens and maybe I'll like it, but I'm.. sceptical. Pretty much everything I like about the site comes down to them being as small a team as they are.

And come on, don't try to assuage people saying GB is going to stay GB, nothing's going to change in this or that department, bla bla bla - this is a huge change which will necessarily have huge implications on pretty much everything. Which seems to be the intent of this deal.

Much of this seems to contradict what they've said and done before (even though they have apparently wanted to do this for a long time, which I also cannot reconcile). And now they're assuaging/patronizing their customers, talking all businesslike - which is something I thought I would be spared on this site - so I find myself being weirdly disappointed. Maybe I just got the wrong impression. I dunno.

I completely agree with you. The way they justified all of this seems to contradict what I remember hearing in the past. I'm sure that I remember a video once of Mike Tatum and Will where they answered questions from the chat and one of the questions was asking them if they wanted to eventually "get big", and the response was pretty much that they were happy being a medium site because they got to do their own thing and provide original content with a close group of people. I'm sure I've also heard similar repsonses from other Whiskey people throughout the last few years.

As of this morning however, the same point of it being awesome because they can do what they do is apparently not because they are smaller than other sites but because they've been brought by a bigger company and now have more money and resources to create original content. It is a contradiction of sorts, even though I cannot really disagree with either viewpoint. But it's the fact that they also said this has been the plan for a while that kind of disappointed me as someone who respected the whole team for being fairly open about the events that go on with the company, even though I acknowledge that they do not have to do this at all, and also there are many business decisions that dictate what we can be told and when.

In summary, today's event felt to me at least a little strange considering their past opinions on what made Giant Bomb and the fans awesome, but I absolutely love the guys so much for bringing us all awesome content over the years and I am so glad that Giant Bomb will continue the way that they want it to, at least for the foreseeable future.

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For the last month or so, any time I watch a video it just stops a few minutes in. The only way to carry on watching is to refresh the page and then go to where I was in the video but then obviously several minutes later the same thing happens. I normally stream but I've tried both progressive and HTML 5 and I have the exact same issue; they just stop dead.

I had seen others saying that downloading the videos will be solve the problem but if I try this then the download normally fails midway through downloading so no luck there.

I've tried all of the above in the latest versions of chrome, firefox, opera and i.e, i've refreshed my cache and cookies on all browsers and last week formatted my hard drive so I'm working off of a relatively fresh install of Windows 7 (x64).

I live in the U.K, so maybe this has something to do with it.

Any help would be appreciated.


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@UberExplodey: They're Cerberus agents who'll be hunting Shepherd. I'm sure we'll be making plenty of them glow blue and float in the air!
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Ok I picked up Street Fighter so let me know if you want some 3d punching fun! Code is: 1246-8710-9511

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I've only got Shadow Wars at the moment but will be picking Street Fighter up soon.  
Code: 1246 - 8710 - 9511 
Name: Garrus

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I want to hate it so much but i really really don't

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