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@tomservo50: "The history of the Great Migration in Europe included the likes of Goths, Vandals, Angles, Saxons, Lombards, Suebi, Frisii, Jutes, Franks, Huns, Avars, Slavs, Bulgars and Alans"

The goths who are known for sacking parts of Roman lands in there migration, the Vandals who did the same, The Angles conflict with the Saxons who invaded there land, The Lombard's who moved south and conquered parts of Italy, Suebi where a proto-germans who fought the Roman conquest of Germanic and so on and so fourth.

Now hers the thing ohter then the fact that they "migrated" by conquering land and and most of these groups where indo-Europeans who migrated around Europe.

Find me a mass migration after the establishment of the nation states. After the Barbers where driven back by the franks and the creation of the Frankish empire. OH and show me the mass migration of Africans to northern Europe that would facilitate this diversity in a story that uses Poland as a backdrop.

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@hashy said:

There isn't anything valuable to say that Austin didn't with his own piece and the follow-up, so I'll just say thank you Austin, and beg you to not be discouraged by the vocal minority of bad-faith-arguers on here. Great to see you tackling this

This, + the fact that it's kind of a bummer that The Witcher 3 is taking all this heat considering just how god-damn good it is. I mean, Game of Thrones has 0 p.o.c.s and GRRM describes the Summer Islanders in the book (stand ins for black people) in pretty exoticizing [is that how you spell it?] terms.

One thing that's rubbed me wrong from a lot of responses on the pro-Witcher side throughout the internet is the idea that "Oh it's based off medieval Europe, there were never people of color there," which is certainly not true and clear evidence of historical erasure. Western Europe was p tight with the Arabs for a while, taking a lot of their advanced sciences and translations which would help shape its history in the centuries to come. It's absolutely not absurd to say that there could have been a mixture, however slight, of the races (or at least some travelers...).

Wow you have no concept of European or middle eastern history do you.

You mean like the millions of white slaves in the middle east. The crusades, the ottoman conquest of Europe, the sacking of Constantinople and so on. YES there where interactions in a very VERY limited form how ever we are not talking the Byzantium Empire that borders the middle east and Europe. We are talking about a region in Northern Europe.

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@voshterkoff: no, you're totally right. After people migrated out of Africa by foot, they simply got lazy and never bothered with trade, adventure, or any further migration. That is why the lands of Hawaii or New Zealand were completely empty of population, because they all decided to stay in Taiwan. The spread of Indo culture, and both Hinduism and later Buddhism in Southeast Asia? Pure myth I suppose. Hungarians evidently stuck it out in the Ural Mountains of Central Asia, and the Turks likewise decided to remain in the Altay Mountains in China/Mongolia. Turns out Japan is really Jomon as there never was an invasion of the Asiatic people from China & Korea. Guess there really is no presence of Chinese silk in Ancient Egypt. I guess Romans never invaded Britain, and Greeks never invaded India. I could go on, but I hope the picture is clear.

The idea that travel and movement of human beings is a modern invention is wrong and a historical.

You don't know shit about migration do you??. Yes that some 200.000 years ago Homo Sapiens started to migrate the world and people where nomads and traveled from hunting ground to hunting ground. So yes travel happened, but hers the thing do you know what happened during those travels. Fighting and tribal conflicts over resources. Especially if there where some one living there already.

Roman history is full of people like the Vandals who moved from region to the ohter murdering and killing there path there.

Now say you are from Northen Africa during the the years 1200 and you travel op to Poland. Poland is close to the Baltic sea. Now to get there you would have to Sail or go by land. Now to get to Poland you would need the travel through several countries and travel through a region that hates your guts (Hispania) and then through several countries where you don't speak the langue to settle in a region of Poland that some how welcomes foreigners. "Well they where not a settler, but a trader"

Now this is how trade actually worked and if you knew Venican history this would be know to you. You sell it through middle men. Spices are made in lets say India, they are then sold to a merchant who brings it through the middle east and then sold to European merchants that then bring it deeper into Europe. That is how these things worked.

And if we talk ships we Danes and Norwegians who where among the most traveled in the world and had some of the best ocean going ship technology for the longest time. We traveled to America and we sold goods in Constantinople. We where aggressive expansionist, how ever you will find no evidence of us settling in the middle east or Africa. We raided those regions like every region, but we where not the norm and it took a long time until we where matched in ship building.

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@demokk: The world is not built up around American stereotypes and tropes.

Where i am from both men and women play video games and there is no social taboo for it. How ever women still tend to gravitate towards mobile devices and games that can easily be played on it. I know some who are into the more "hardcore" gaming, but they are few compared to the guys.

So what gives...

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The issue with women as protagonist is that even if you put a women into your game you will have scores of people complaining.

She is to sexy, she is to week, to manly, to feminine, to strong, to tall, to ugly, to short, to sensitive, not sensitive enough for all ohter sides then the gamer's them self. Like take the GTA5 thing and the feminist agenda around it that says that it is sexists because you can do horrible things to nameless women in that game. Now the fact is you can do horrible things to every one in that game, men or women, but that dose not matter so what do you think happens when you make a female protagonist that gets hurt or is shown as any kind of flawed. You got the same Anita crowd screaming bloody murder about her being to weak and if you make here to strong she is seen as a man with tits and there for it is still sexist. You are FUCKED no mater what you do.

Also the Anita crowd is not helping the issue and there dishonest behavior is helping to make this entire conversation even more hostile. Then there is the gaming media that is also making things fucking stupid in and effort to try and jump on every dam band wagon to be the first to scream "SEXISM" at any whiff of any thing in a effort to garner clicks.

The issue with Patrick was that he was very one sided and gave a free pass to any one on his side of the debate so people started tuning him out. He had an agenda and he pushed it hard so people ignored or did not like him because of it. Any one who claims to be a journalist, but can not even follow basic journalistic ideas will get a bunch of hate.

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Where is Dragons Crown...

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Shadowrun: Dragon Fall

It's a standalone expansion to Shadowrun that is way better then the original and one of the best RPG games i have ever played in my life and i am an old school RPG nut. The orginal camping is worth trying first, but Dragonfall is so many times better.

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Guild Wars 2.

I love the combat system and the living world. If only they would put more effort into WolrdvsWorld then it would be perfect.

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@pewps: Of course not he is peaty deep with in one side of the entire debate and have done thing to change that.

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The Game gate video is terrible. Nice collection of strawmen he has made to knock down.