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Apologies I meant Andromeda not ME3 :)

There is a core team introducing new features, taking features from other games an integrating, and as far as I remember (this was a few years ago) a library of features you could plug into the engine made by other development teams.

And yeah, the more different your game is from what Frosted already does (at the time, it was mainly FPS engine) a team would have to do significant work on the tech and game side of things... which is why the first few years of all these other genres on Frostbite aren't the best. BUT, if you look at the long term plan of 10 years, the games should get better and better as more teams and genres put work into it. There is no reason FrostEd couldn't do every game, it's just a budget/time concern, especially in the early days of the engine when it only did one thing very well (FPS).

And yes, I totally agree with you about the scalability of assets, which is why EA has been pushing development teams to work similarly as well. Dice start doing a really great job with photogrammetry and that is being touted around EA as a preferred method of creation. Again, so everyone can share assets. They did that for the first Battlefront where they got access to the Lucas Vault and photo "scanned" all the old props. I have zero doubt they will be leveraging this for every Star Wars game they make, but this is purely a guess on my part.


Concerning the conversation with Inquisition and Andromeda, I have some personal opinions.

Fitting Inquisition game type into Frost Ed is not a bad idea, but it comes down to money and time, there is only so much a team can do on the first iteration.. So did it hurt Inquisition? Yes, but did it hurt the franchise? Probably not, they have something to build on and it will get better. My own opinion is that design and direction choices were a larger contribution to why some (myself included) didn't quite like Inquisition.

Concerning Andromeda, similarly answer with Inquisition, though I Andromeda severely less successful (in terms of of a good game). Part of that again, is likely due to FrostEd, though they had Inquisition to build from, sort of, which should have put them in a better spot. They also had something like 6 years of development time, so what made Andromeda, Andromeda, again relies on direction choices more than tech.

I don't know anything about the development of Andromeda, but as a fan of the original trilogy and someone with partial knowledge of an older Frostbite engine, I could guarantee you that a good Mass Effect game can be made in that with the right choices for a lot less time than 6 years. Sorry to armchair quarterback,;I am more than aware of the difficulties any developer can go through, but it had to boil down to poor direction and decision making on that project.

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I understand where you are coming from, the early examples haven't been super great; Dragon Age Inquisition and ME3 are at the top of my list, but it's a really robust engine that, with time, can work for any development team and game, provided they get enough time to make the necessary upgrades and changes. "Quality hit" is a bit subjective... though honestly I get what you mean and share the same opinion, but EA games, for the most part, have never looked better visually, the quality of development time would have or eventually will be better; EA games for the most part feel like big productions that are expensive, that hadn't always been the case with every one of their titles.

Full disclosure, I've worked for a studio using Frostbite a few years ago, I haven't been with them for a few years, so this is just my opinion, but I loved that engine, it's fantastic.

Frostbite, at the time I was using it, was on the level of being a ubiquitous development engine as much as Unreal was/is. Granted, Unreal has shooter roots and shooters are easy to make on them, but no one would ever suggest you couldn't make almost any other type of game on Unreal.

But from a production standpoint, having an entire company on the same engine is preferable, smart and the only way these games will get made in the future. Rockstar has been doing it for years, Bethesda has been moving towards that, Sony has definitely been doing that, Activision (at least for all the Call of Duties.. which I get is not the same with what we're talking about) have done/been moving towards that.

The resources then can be shared by every development team making the ease and cost of production cheaper in the future and a core tech team can focus on developing towards a stronger system for everyone, thus not impacting the game's development as much.

It may produce some games that aren't the best or feel like they were a square peg being wedged into a round hole right now, but it's smart for the future and the games, across all genres will get better with time. Development will become easier and cheaper for EA, which makes producing cool, high quality games still a possibility; which is good for us.

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Probably frame rate + wired controller vs. wireless + monitor/tv refresh rate? Might add up to everything you're feeling.

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I enjoyed both, it was interesting to go through them, but Vin and Jef are the greatest team.

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I was pretty happy with the game even if it isn't the greatest thing in the world, but holy cow, I just watched those 5 trailers (only saw the first one and maybe third one) and yeah... I can see why people are a bit disappointed.

Lighting, materials, and overall render quality is much higher... not to mention the right algorithm of planets was chosen so there was appealing colors to everything (which isn't always, or even commonly the case) mixed with a ton of cool stuff I really dont' think is even in the game.

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Ditto. Nice post, Sweep, I think you're sentiments are exactly what a lot of us are feeling. Will be interesting to see how the game does.

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Amazon Canada is usually a sick joke on an ordinary day, so Prime Day doesn't seem to be much different.

However, I kind of need some HD space, so between a sandisk SSD and a Seagate external 6tb drive... I think I might save a few bucks, but nothing to warrant any sort of excitement.

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Damn man, you were my favourite part about this era of GB, I hate it when the intellectuals leave, but good luck dude!

Ps: take Vinny with you and make something even more rad.

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The Canadian dollar is weak not just because of oil prices, it's because it's been compared to a very weak American dollar for years now; that obviously has slowly been changing on their end so by comparison, the dollar is lower.

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    First minute, I am already annoyed at Dan. I don't need to keep harping on it, I just don't like the guy, but I realized that I've stopped watching most quick looks with him in it and am preferring pretty much everything GB East is doing over the main cast these days.

    I think I've come to accept that it's time to cut Dan out of my GB coverage and that's pretty cool. Shame he is in basically everything GB SF makes.

    edit: Sound isn't as good as the radio quality of the regular cast, maybe it's the room.