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@msoven said:

I understand completely that their current roster is made up of the people that it is, and that they mostly seem to have joined up in the first place for the best reasons. Given that, I want to see them try to get outside of their comfort zones a bit more, as comfort for white men appears to involve a lot of other white men. We know they can invite all kinds of people to talk about games and to play them, because they have. More of that, please?

That might also help avoid really big blunders like when they had a game with a blackface main character in their list of nominations for 2018 GOTY Best Style. The character has been changed since, but at the time they recorded that list Chuchel was a blatant blackface stereotype. The podcasts, particularly Beastcast, had talked about the game multiple times throughout the year, and if even one of those discussions had involved a single black person it probably would have been brought up.