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Too Human Demo

Played the Too Human demo the other day in between work and more work.  Went in with mixed expectations.  I'm not one to take everything I hear on the internet and TV as gospel, but since there was so much negative press I did take it into consideration.

To be honest, it wasn't half that bad.  I played as the Champion class (can you even play as other classes in the demo?), and found the combat satisfying.  Even though story took a back seat to demonstrating the tech and combat in the game, I have a feeling the story will be a great part of the game with combat being a close second.  Also I'm wondering if the quick time event type instant kill of the larger enemy will translate to boss battles, kind of like God of War...

Anyways, I think I'll rent it first to get an expanded preview of the game before plunking down my 70 dollars.


Launch Site Looks Great!

Have been listening to the podcast and following the blog posts since the beginning. Launch site looks amazing and have been navigating it for a good part of the morning. Pretty slick!

Keep up the great work!