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Drive By Me, Get Smashed

I've always hated racing games.  Always.  Mainly because I could never get the controls.  Was this a problem with the games?  No.  Problem with my coordination.
I couldn't get into Mario Kart either.  I always ran off the side or fell in the ocean.  Always ended in last.  I just never got a handle on it.  
Along came Blur and something changed.  I don't know what it was but I'm actually enjoying a racing/Mario Kart game.  WTF???  AND I can play without ending up last (though I still do most of the time)  
Oh.  And I can paint my car pink.  Score.


A Gamers' Ballad

I've walked miles on Halo Rings.

Spent nights in the Johto region.
I've fought kings and lost battles
With my royal legions.

I've crossed paths with blue ghost.
Forded rivers with my cattle.
I've lived through my death
A thousand times a battle.

With Cain I've identified
And Oak I have learned much.
I've weathered many armies
Through cold that freeze on touch.

I've been transformed to demons
I've been disguised among the saints.
I've broken to many pieces
And awaken when they faint.

I've sang in front of hundreds
And danced alone at night.
Through tunnels and through the clouds
I don't give up the fight.

I've shot and killed many.
My brothers, I'm with thee.
Beautiful music I have made
In my final fantasy.

The cake it was a lie.
Alas, I'm not a pro.
I've reached the end so many times
And still many more to go.