Favorite Games

I can't help but feel that I'm a generation behind.

List items

  • Altered my perspective on video games. Relentless and sobering. Beautiful, dark world (my favorite video game world) and an incredibly underrated story. The best combat system I have ever played.

  • WOW. Started it all. The obsession with Silent Hill. This was like opening pandora's box. I played it with the lights on, during the day. Still screamed. Wonderfully tragic story. The most amazing music ever.

  • It's all about the goth. A tour de force. Great level design, weapon design, creative character art and fun bosses. Extraordinarily violent.

  • massive world with the most unique art style. Very funny characters with some of my favorite boss battles ever.

  • "Happy Birthday."

    Pushed the visuals of the second one even further. Arguably has the most astounding environments from the series.

  • Wonderfully organic and serene. Memorable, esoteric Colossus battles. Simple, lovely story. Never to be forgotten.

  • Great music and story. The level design is genius. That multiplayer really was innovative, this game is almost perfect.

  • Fun levels, really puts you into the battles from the movie. Gorgeous, with the same score. Fun update system and combat mechanics. This was one of my favorite multiplayer experiences.

  • Damn. A dark and gloomy world. This game was a great balance of challenge and discovery. I felt that I could play it forever. Forever walking through that castle, heading where? I don't know.

  • A simple, accessible RTS. Doesn't get enough respect. So many race options and map choice. There's the option for quick battles and a map editor. Fast, fun battles.

  • The leveling up of weapons and spells was a revelation to me. Nothing special storywise, but the world had much to discover. Plus the spells animation changes depending on its level.

  • The original wrestling game. Still nothing compares to it. Simple grapple system which is often compared favorably to new efforts to capture realism. Massive roster and fun championship mode. The CAW mode was top notched for a N64 game. I feel that hearing this games menu music may get me emotional XD

  • Under appreciated and (sometimes) hated, I found Silent Hill 4 to be the most unique Silent Hill experience. The use of first person in Henry's apartment was frightening, even when nothing was happening. Awesome sound design. The moaning of the ghosts still freak me out. Looking through the peep hole still freaks me out. This game is freaky.

  • You know, this game was just too gorgeous. I was seduced by the visuals - had never played a game this epic before. Great characters, great world.

  • This is a split vote between Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast. Probably why I like Star Wars so much. Use to play this with a room full of people.

  • Truly one of the greatest games ever made. Simple, accessible, addicting. I played it a week ago. I will play it again soon. The classes are eternal, the story is solid but not essential. The Acts are so different but wonderful. A challenging and very rewarding game. With the most amazing random drop ever conceived. Amazing weapons - when you found a good one, it felt like the world. You earned the End game. You earned your character. Diablo 3 lost some of that wonder.

  • Really, its about the music stations. The driving in the rain as I just Died in your Arms Tonight plays on the radio. Hot pink and white. This game is untouchable. And Tommy Vercetti is a more than capable leading man.

  • Expanded on Here Comes the Pain and Shut Your Mouth, but introduced new mechanics. I think I grew to like this game so much because it was between two major games in the series, and somehow encompasses the best of both worlds.

  • There is not a single bad thing about this game. I believe it is the greatest of all time. Touching story, amazing enveloping world. Good characters, the challenge, the adventure. THE TEARS!!!!

  • Newest addition. A gorgeous and sentimental game. While its story is interesting, what really captivates me is the Studio Ghibli-influenced art direction and the combat. The Familiar system is really fun to experiment with. I think this game has captured my imagination most of all.

  • Feels like endless possibilities. I will never play 300 hours in this game. But I like knowing that I could. Exquisite music, and medieval, RPG game to the T. Skyrim is both traditional and groundbreaking. I am still discovering things.

  • A split vote for Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Emerald. Started the obsession, the addiction!!!! Generation 3 is my favorite group of Pokemon. I mastered and abused these games. I know the world by heart. I can appreciate the finely tuned craft of these games. Pokemon.....YES

  • AMAZING, enveloping environment (Arkham Asylum) with familiar characters. Great spy-esque tactics, side plots and voice acting (Mark Hamill of course). This was a highly textured and enveloping experience. I regret selling it every time I think about it.

  • One of the best RTS games. The four races felt so different, organic. Each have their own sound effects, building styles and monsters. This game was able to be stoic. I too played this with a room full of people at a local computer lab. Oh childhood.

  • I liked flipping around. Fun, easy game. Didn't care for the story. But I would follow Lara anywhere. Successful, even on a rudimentary level.