Games I Beat in 2016

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  • 1/1/16 - Spent an afternoon solving this with the wife.

  • 1/3/15 - Yes this game is about boobs. I am an adult male and I like those. Yes it sexualizes women. But it does pass the Bechdel test. Look, whatever, I like female anatomy even in anime unrealistic jiggle form. The game itself is a lot of fun. The characters are mostly somewhere between 1 and 2 dimensional but really endearing and entertaining. The plot is thin. But again, its a really fun game. I completed everything in it and I'm now sold on the sequels. If you like beat 'em up games with very simply but diverse move sets, you might like the gameplay in this.

  • 1/14/16 - The thing I like about this game is it doesn't wait long to answer questions. Works best when exploratory. Really interesting ride.

  • 1/29/16 Mostly a pretty great game.

  • Kairosoft game that's almost a clone of their well known game, Game Dev Story.

  • Beat all the DLC. Definitely skip Jaws of the Hakkon. The Descent has potential but is ultimately pointless. Trespasser you should probably play.

  • 2/18/16 A lot like Gone Home by the guys who love Far Cry 2.

  • The graphics are better, the combat is a little more balanced, but overall this is a much worse game than Deep Crimson. I enjoyed the stories and characters in Deep Crimson, here I couldn't stand any of them. There are 4 story lines that are all alternate versions of each other. The same stuff is going on but different people are winning and losing. The new characters are no where near as enjoyable as the old ones. Deep Crimson had this kind of cool unlockable challenge pyramid thing. Here you have the story missions and the character missions. On top of that the series has elected to ignore Deep Crimson. I finished it because I made myself do it. It already bothered me enough I was essentially paying for soft porn I was at least going to get my time out of it.

  • It never occurred to me you could beat this. And then I did. Fun game, wish they had more upgrades.

  • I'm not sure when to say I've beaten this game. It has some issues but my wife and I love playing it and have beaten it a dozen or so times.

  • Lot of criticism for this game. I wanted to play it after a lot of the public hate had faded away. Definitely not a great game and definitely not a bad game. Kind of a fascinating study of everything not quite working together.

  • 6/20/16 - Lots of thought. Good gameplay, story levels were ok, story was forgettable, side missions were mostly not good and incredibly more difficult than story missions, open world was great, aesthetic was great, music was good but they needed the previous theme song they used.

  • 7/27/16

  • 8/17/16

  • 10/22/16

  • 11/19/16

  • 11/27/16

  • 12/11/16