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An amazing game that any fan of RPG's should own 1

     The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion is literally the deepest game I have ever played.  There is no limit on what to do in this game.  From going to a city's main castle and kicking over the guards dinner on the floor, to robbing the local sword shop of everything they own.  There is no shortage of fun in this game, so lets get started.     The player starts off in a prison, unknowing of their own crime, when the king of Cyrodill walks in and explains that "he is the one" and you are whisked away ...

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The Lost and Damned Review 0

The Lost and Damned is a download available on the Xbox Live Marketplace, PSN, and for download for PC for $20, respectively.  The expansion, while still being an expansion, is an entirely new game with new characters, story, weapons, vehicles, activities, and multiplayer modes.  While there are no new areas to explore, TLAD features the Rockstar brand of storytelling that everyone has come to know and love. Johnny Klebitz, VP of The Lost The Lost and Damned stars Johnny Klebitz, the Vice-Presid...

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