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Great game hampered by a frustrating business model. 2

Tekken Revolution is one of the best Tekken games in recent memory. Its also the most frustrating. Kind of out of nowhere prior to E3 Tekken Revolution was announced. On the surface the game looks a LOT like Tekken Tag Tournement 2. The way the menus , the HUD and even the characters all look very similar to TTT2. This is a good thing since TTT2 was a flipping fantastic game and absolutely the best Tekken game since Tekken 3.Character stats give a light RPG element and reward character l...

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A Rough But Fun Cut 3

Metal Gear Rising was announced to an eager and shocked crowd at E3 2009. Since then it briefly appeared at industry events with little to no information. Then it was announced that Platinum games the progenitors of such greats as Bayonetta and Vanquish took over the helm of the project. Among the history of games in development limbo that actually see the light of day the end results usually end up not being so rosy. Thankfully Platinum Games resurrection MGR into something that is w...

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Shattering Expectations 2

Its been three years. Its been three years since a trailer for a new Capcom flashed across everyone's screen. The trailer inexplicably turned out to be a new Devil May Cry game. There was much bewilderment to be had at many of the choices as well as the choice of the developer. Being someone who infinitely values core game play over everything else the thought of the narrative heavy studio over at Ninja Theory taking on one of the most complex character action games was worrying. Yet here I am s...

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The Original Assassin is back 0

The series trademark disguise system returns in true fashion.Back around 2002-2003 I was introduced to the Hitman series with Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. It was a fascinating game to me and one that turned the stealth genre on its ear. Instead of skulking in shadows you hid in plain sight. Each level was a sandbox of potential grisly deaths and solutions in how you navigated levels and took out targets. So here we are in 2012 with Hitman Absolution. 47 has been on quite the hiatus last appearing ...

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More fun than throwing your kid in a volcano. 5

The Iron Fist Tournament returns!I really have no words to describe this.So look, I hate Tekken. If you're doing a double take at the score I gave the game after that opening line then that should indicate how big of a surprise this game was to me. I've spent roughly 30 hours tooling away in the game and its the first Tekken since Tekken 3 to capture my attention. Its also the first fighting game to capture my attention since Mortal Kombat. What is nice about Tekken Tag 2 is that it is full of c...

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Shoot dem' limbs! 0

We first met Isaac Clarke in 2008 and man has the guy had a rough couple of years.  He barely survived an outbreak of freakish monsters, insane cultists AND his girlfriend is dead.  Fast forward to 2011 we join Isaac again this time with Isaac waking up in a mental hospital inside a space colony “The Sprawl”After what could be described as one of the most intense opening scenes in recent memory you’re quickly thrust into another adventure with Isaac.  The controls are still tight as ever and Dea...

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Yo, Mortal Kombat is actually good again. 0

Finish him.   Two words that if your a child of the late 80’s early 90’s almost always triggers visions of Mortal Kombat. Now nearly 19 years and 8 games later the 9th game in the series simply titled  “Mortal Kombat”  has hit store shelves in an attempt to bring us all back to Outworld. Like  Street Fighter 4  Mortal Kombat returns to its roots in this game.  No more 3D movement or funky weapon switching.   The classic  combat from past games finally returns in all its glory. One of the big f...

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Truely a summation of its parts 0

 Sigma is a character in the Greek Alphabet that means “Sum of all values”. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 for the Playstation 3 takes the title of “Sigma” and truly delivers on its meaning. This installment of Ninja Gaiden is truly a summation of the series.As its title suggests the game is an enhanced port from the Xbox 360 version that was released in June 2008 amidst some heavy in-fighting and company strife at Tecmo. While the first version version was fun it showed a lack of polish that is not commo...

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