GOTY 2011

List items

  • I felt the sequel took a few steps forward, and a few steps back, but overall ended up a better game than the original. With a more interesting story, better combat and a super fun open world, the Official Microsoft Batman Simulator 2011 was my GoTY.

  • It was a real tough call for me between this and Arkham City for the number one spot. In the end, I had to let quality win out instead of quantity. But what quantity it is - I've been playing this game daily for months, since long before the recent F2P transition, and I don't see myself slowing down yet. Finally we have an MMO with a franchise that interested me, and a play style I could actually enjoy. A speed to the combat and gameplay, and the bite-sized nature of some of the missions made this the first MMO people with jobs can play, too. In this game you don't need to grind for hours to be able to fly or get a mount - you just press the damn flight key.

  • FUS RO DAH. I'm only like 15 hours into this game. I think an Elder Scrolls game is the only time you can say ONLY 15 hours in, but it's true. Over half a real, actual day into this game and I've done hardly anything. Well, I've done absolutely oodles - I've saved towns, solved mysteries, climbed a bunch of steps (like A BUNCH), retrieved swords and generally farted about Skyrim doing whatevs. For 15 hours. Can't wait till I hit triple digits!

  • There's a bit when you ride a car around, and there is a Tiger sitting in the car with you, and you drive around a bunch to face your courage or something. Oh and it's playing Holding out For a Hero, while you do it!

    It's pretty great.

  • Ok, hear me out. I was with you guys - Dynasty Warriors sucks. You just hit the X and Y buttons until everything is dead, then move on. Or at least, that's what you did before DW7 came along. Sure, the core gameplay is the same, but fantastic presentation, finally presenting the Three Kingdoms story in a fashion that made sense and was (mostly) accurate, and incredibly addictive growth, unlocking and crafting systems gave this series the hook it finally needed to make sense to me. I played this for hours on end, and it got me genuinely interested in this period of Chinese history. So much so that I actually bought books. With words!!

  • I absolutely love this games mixture of 2D and 3D Mario conventions to bring a new Mario game that kind of delivers on both fronts. It's gorgeous, controls perfectly, and has an ENTIRE SECOND GAME hiding out, only choosing to reveal itself when you beat the first one. I wonder if it unlocks straight away if you make your Mii look like Zelda...

  • Finally, the Dead or Alive story makes sense! I've been waiting years for a compelling story mode to finally clear up just what the flying saucer is going on in this series. Thanks, Dead or Alive: Dimensions!

    Seriously though, I've always like the smooth and snappy feel to DoA and as someone who doesn't/is unable to get into some of the technical stuff of deeper fighters, I can just enjoy DoA for what it is. And this was a very good DoA game.

  • Great story mode, I don't care that the online was broken. I loved MKvDC, but this... man, THIS.

  • Sonic is back, dog. Way too short, otherwise it'd be higher on the list, but man was it a blast while it lasted. It felt like a couple of the bosses were made by old, busted Sonic Team, but the rest is polished, gorgeous Sonic perfection. Fantastic stuff.

  • What the jumping jack rabbit is a licensed game doing on here? This game was just a super simple, solid GoW clone with a surprisingly deep and customisable combat system. Also, I'm a big GL dork so it was great to have a game that gave him (an admittedly small amount) of justice.