Games I've played in 2011

I'm always the worst at these end-of-the-year things. However, I really like the concept of taking stock of the past 365 days and making the time to consider the stupid shit I got up to. At least that way, if I ever wonder what in the fuck happened to 2011, I can at least say, "oh, right. Video games." and have a pretty reasonable list of which digital moloch ate how much of my time.

Currently, it's in no particular order. Eventually, I don't know. Maybe I'll sort it in terms of perceived hours spent.

Also, hopefully/probably getting a PS3 this Xmas. So expect Dark Souls and Uncharted 2/3 to be added to this list.

Die2Nite, Blight of the Immortals and Jupiter's Folly all get honourable mentions, as well. They're browser-based games, so don't appear in the Giant Bomb wiki, but they're all extremely interesting experiences that heavily rely on interaction between players. They're shining gems amidst a vast sea of offal and shovelware.

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