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Toukiden is a helluva game.

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Games of 2013

So I kinda did this last year as a way to keep tabs on what I was playing at various points in the year. Obviously, since 2013 is still pretty new, there aren't a lot of for-real 2013 games on here.

List items

  • Technically, the bulk of my time playing Dragon's Dogma was in the last few weeks of 2012. Need to take on the Seneschal and then I can probably take a knee on this until Dark Arisen comes out.

  • Officially in the top ten best reasons to own a 3DS.

  • So who saw this coming? I've never given even a little bit of a shit about Devil May Cry games in the past. Hell, I wasn't even sure I was into character action games, with Darksiders often languishing as I would go and play other games that had captured my attention. Not only did I blow through 90% of DMC over the course of a weekend, but I actively look forward to playing through the game again. Such a great start to the year.

  • When I wasn't playing anything on the PS3 in January, I was typically playing some Sleepy Dawgs. Such a great game.

  • Came to the realization that the co-op servers for Syndicate aren't going to be live for long, if EA's track record is anything to go by. So I descended down a grimy hole of running fast and loose Syndicate co-op, even rolling into a mission by myself and hoping help shows up (and then sending friend requests to anyone who joins a game. Something I never, ever do.)

  • Went on an Armored Core V bender when I realized that Namco Bandai had a provision in their EULA that NA servers were only guaranteed for a year and would then be reviewed after that time. So I've raced through more than half of the story missions. Will probably keep going until I can get my team level up to 50.

  • Far Cry 3's co-op is surprisingly compelling, if nothing more than for the decoder stuff and its passing resemblance to Syndicate's co-op. I still need to beat the game (and certainly will, soon) but yeah, willing to agree that Far Cry 3 is one of the best games of 2012.

  • Absolutely fascinated by this game. It literally ate an entire Sunday early in January. Thoroughly enjoying it and it's not even fully released yet.

  • Started to take pokes at this while drinking coffee in the morning before work. Although, of course, I'd vastly prefer a Persona 4 HD release, which might as well never happen with Persona 5 on the way.

  • Thanks to my Armored Core V bender, I fell down a giant robot hole and started to get into MWO. It's still clearly in its early stages, but I like the pace of the battles and how generously cash and experience are meted out, even if I die pretty quickly to better built mechs. It's nice to know that I can hop into a battle and be done inside fifteen minutes.

  • I started this in 2012. I finished it in 2013. I am very pleased that I am done with it. I am happy to have played it. I never want to play it again.