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I don't feel comfortable essentially pirating the internet. Our eyeballs on advertising is far far more inoffensive than monthly fees as a requirement of the consumer to access content. All these people who advocate no advertising seem to offer no solution, they just selfishly want all their stuff for free. So until someone offers a better, easier solution I'm sticking with ads.

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Plants vs. Zombies free to play structure has been getting a lot of flack since it came out what with Brad and Vinny's Quick Look, the bombcast and this week's Idle Thumbs podcast all calling out the game for its "egregious" push to have you pay your way through the game. Naturally then, I went into this game being ready to turn it off ten minutes in.

But I'm well past halfway through this game and I haven't payed a cent.

Sure this game makes you replay the levels of each world once you complete them for stars to progress, but does this really matter? No two levels are really any different from another. It's all zombies walking down a grid to your plants, just the window dressing happens to be different each ten levels.

I mean does it really matter in this game if you're replaying 2-2 instead of playing 2-3? Especially since each star gives you a completely different challenge each time you play the level with altered parameters, goals, mechanics, etc. making the star replays a pretty altered experience each time.

I'm right at the end of the second world and am now getting to the point where the game is racking up the star requirement forcing to me to other complete a bunch of star levels or fork over some money to get through. But you know what? I've played and enjoyed this game for at least 4 hours now, so maybe that's worth me giving PopCap a couple of bucks?

I'm not one to defend the free to play model, just maybe let's not always assume a game is junk if it uses it.

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An apple in the shower peoples. Totally acceptable.

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It's weird cos we use the word 'cunt' more often than any other country.

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Winter may have been my favourite season. Unlike the rest of the game, I felt it was an almost perfect chapter in terms of story and had some of the best gameplay (one of the few times I successfully stealthed an entire section).

I absolutely loved that David (the boss you fight in the burning building) let you know that all those bandits in the city you were killing had families and were just really looking for food. That they were really no different to you I thought was awesome. This point was already apparent but the weight of it didn't really sink in for me until you talked to him. I love the idea that the fodder enemies in a game are just as important as you. That they all have their own individual stories, not just an insignificant and finite part of Joel and Ellie's.

But then I thought it was kinda crap that David ended up being a pedophile. I guess they felt a true evil bad guy was necessary considering you never actually have one in the game to fight against?

I don't know, it felt so unnecessary to the overall story. He was already in such a grey area having reverted to cannibalism to feed his tribe and seemed to be the guy in the story who represented little moral code but justified it with spirituality instead of purely survival like everyone else. It felt enough for him to go bananas on Ellie in the burning building considering she had killed his beanie wearing friend (along with half his tribe) and broke his finger.

But no, rapist at heart so machete him a bunch to the head.


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Hey guys thanks to your help we're just under the top 100 on the overall charts for the station. They display the top 100 on the website which will really help with our exposure. If you have it in you to listen or download one more time that would be amazing!

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@evo said:

Very nice. Might catch one of your shows soon.

Cool man. Where do you live? We play around Melbourne.

I'm probably taking money away from cancer kids by downloading this, ain't I?

Oh well.

Nah there's a whole EP for free if you wish. So many many cancer kids.

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Thanks so much everyone.

Than@49th: I'm actually the guy second from the right in the green jacket.

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Hey duders!

I have a band in Australia that's been playing to nobody for about two years and finally we've decided to get off our arses and do something about it.

In Australia there is a big alternative music radio station that has its own ranking system for unsigned bands. I won't get into the detrimental things about this system unless you want to but suffice to say its sort of the only way to get your music known.

So if you could give the song 'Steps' a play and a download that would be so nice of you and extremely helpful. It's sort of a dreamy, psychedelic thing.

Here's the link: