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Since it looks like al the GB clans are invite only, i'd love to get an invite. My ingame name is Max #PVV90PP9 I don't know what that last bit means, but that's what it said under my nickname.

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looks like something you'd put in an empty port just to fill that port. But I really don't have an idea

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I am interested. The game looks great, but right now I feel like the mystery itself is a mystery. And though I appreciate that Campo Santo decided to keep the lid tightly sealed, I would have liked a general premise like: Firewatchmen Henry goes into the forrest alone and what he sees wil change the world. Instead it's: You're a dude named Henry. On your radio is a lady, which you can talk to, Watch for fires and something might happen.

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When you're on TV there is no time to be emotional, your only job at that moment is to give the viewers the information as it comes in. Which information you present, and how you present that information is an ethical debate, which isn worth talking about, but I won't get into it right now.

CNN as a network isn't doing so great and hasn't been for years. The rise of Fox News has resulted in the fall of CNN. This is the reason for their more sensationalist tone. And what I've seen of the CNN reporting wasn't great. Guest and hosts jumping to conclusions, way to fast. There is however nothing wrong with the headline calling it a bloodbath, which is what it is. Based on what I've read and seen regarding the killings in the Bataclan theatre, 'Massacre' would have also been appropriate, sure it's missing some context, but the headline isn't really the problem. The headlines might be lacking in nuance, but that's where the article/video comes in.

As someone who is studying to be a television journalist. The lack of trust and the general opinion that the news is about sensation, selling products, ratings and hits. You hurt me. And while the situation in America is most certainly worse than it is here in the Netherlands. I want to believe that there are people working at CNN, FOX and all the other networks who want to do better.

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Yes I loved it, played part of episode 3 and the entirety of episodes 4 and 5 in one sitting monday night. The characters and the story are amazing and really wel written and the game takes care to not go set-piece crazy and instead uses little moments which remind us of when we were teenagers growing up. Sure we didn't have time reversal powers, but the personal story hit pretty close to home in some spots. Easily one of my favorite and maybe my favorite game this year. I'm still sad it's over and right now am thinking about starting a second save. I just don't know If it's possible to recapture the feeling I had once I put the controller down and watched the credits to episode 5.

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not the Bombcast or the Beastcast, but I was listening to Danswers when I took this picture while running in Utrecht.

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It's prerecorded, the full archive is up on their youtube channel. And is probably not supposed to be there. Considering the game isn't out yet and Nintendo usually have really tight NDA's when it comes to prerelease video.

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Having seen people fight and sometimes lose the battle against cancer. Reading news like this, even though I don't know the person and will probably never know him always hits me super hard. The thought that you're always living in fear from checkup to checkup because there is always a chance it might be back sounds horrible. Fuck Cancer.

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Life is Strange, Prison Architect, Kerbal Space Program, Hearthstone. Those would be pretty cool.

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I am currently running on the Asics Gt-2000, which have been great.