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Fun, Cheap, and Underrated 0

Cold Winter is a very fun game, but let's go through some of the bad first. The controls, I feel, are a bit "slow" at times. I've looked for a "cross hair sensitivity option" or something, but I haven't found one. Also, the game does get a BIT choppy during some of the frantic parts. And the game gets a bit slow towards the later levels in terms of pace, but it always makes up for it by having a gunfest soon after. But to tell you the truth, that's about all that's wrong with this game. The leve...

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Power Moves (SNES version of Deadly Moves) 0

I don't think the guys here at Giant Bomb even use half stars, but let me be one of the first to grace this new page with a half star review. All that I can say about this game is, "Wow." Just wow. This game has got to be the absolute worst fighting game I have ever played on any platform. And I'll admit, maybe there were a couple horrible classics that I missed due to me being so young, but man. This game is just downright disgraceful to games like Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting or even Batt...

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