Where can you find KOL for WeChat advertising?

There are a few platforms enabling you to find influencers for your WeChat ads:

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  • http://newrank.cn/ is the leader in the field
  • http://www.parklu.com/ is a great platform as it provides a bilingual interface and access to influencers across WeChat, Weibo, Instagram, Youku and Meipai
  • http://wemedia.cn/ is a platform with a mix of accounts their run by themselves and influencers they represent. Quality is uneven though, so have a careful look.

We conducted a more in-depth study of some of these platforms in this article:


How much do influencer cost for WeChat advertising?

The cost of using WeChat influencers for advertising can vary widely:

  • On the low-end, you might find some advertisers willing to put up a banner for as low as $100 USD
  • On the high-end, there is no real upper limit, with large KOL regularly charging as much as $50,000 USD for one push message
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Are influencers the right approach for your WeChat advertising?

There are plenty of good reasons to advertise through influencers: they enable targeted, flexible and (sometimes) affordable ad campaigns. They are particularly suited to new brands with little existing recognition in China, for which the endorsement of KOL’s will prove to be an invaluable asset. And for established brands to drive up sales.

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