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Why did I just save over my game complete file?

There are no spoilers for The Last of Us here.

I just saved over my game completed file on the last of us with my new game plus file. I'm pissed off. Why give me that option? I hate the way the ps3 handles saves sometimes. This is the same thing that happened to me with Yakuza 3. Infamous also had a weird way of saving games. It asks you if you’re sure or something. Long story short, I was close to completing the first infamous 100% and I accidentally saved over my good file with my evil file. My evil file was only something like 33% done… Unfortunately, that little mishap kept me from ever going back to that game. I will probably never go back to Yakuza 3 as well. Hopefully the same thing won't happen with The Last of Us. Why give me an option to save over a completed game file when I start a new game plus? The damn game should just start a new save file on its own! WTF!? Now all of my statistics are reset! 22 hours worth of game info gone! I am really frustrated with this little mishap.