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Man... as much as I love Gouken (and he is still my favorite of the new characters), his shoryuken and tatsumaki moves = NOT SAFE..   drives me nuts.

I have made legitimate attempts to be good with him against people but Ken's shoryuken trumps Gouken's shoryuken move every single time.  And don't ever use down back kick (tatsumaki)... just don't ever try to use it in a match.  You are left hanging in the air with your nutsack wide open for abuse.

his back throw into ultra is the shit tho..  very easy way to ensure you get the full ultra as opposed to having to use shoryuken to FADC to ultra with Ryu/Sagat..  anyhoo enjoy!

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OK here's my rant:

I'm a 26 year old mechanical engineer.   I work for a living and here's what I see:  I see what percentage of my money goes to the government (over 30%), which in turn is now going to welfare checks and STD research thanks to Obama. 

You think I'm greedy?  You think I'm one sided?   When someone who has worked hard to make money and succeeds is called greedy, this country is LOST.

What happens when the prospect of actually making money in turn for your hard work is no longer there?  What happens when people like me realize that there IS NO benefit for doing the kind of work that I do.  Maybe I should sit on my ass and expect Obama to take care of me?

Pull your head out of your asses people.  This country was built on the principle that IF the government taxes you... there had better be a damn good reason.  And thanks to people like Obama and all his cronies in congress, we have never been farther from that principle.

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This feature is badass. 

Load times between matches are easily 5x faster. 

All PS3 games should have the option (a la the NXE dashboard feature). 

Like some other users here noted, if everyone installs the game to the disc (360 and PS3) it could prevent some lag..  not 100% positive on that but hey, why not?  It makes sense to me.. and it certainly can't hurt..

Props to Capcom for making this in-game feature... something that Sony should have handled a long time ago.

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you can install it on the ps3 too btw..  which also really helps a lot..   would encourage all ps3 players to take the time to do that it should help with the lag

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Thanks man.

I will keep trying..  I guess I've just got sand in my vagina..  ;-(

And yeah..  I will likely be waiting until April for my TE stick as well...  =/   Not much interest in spending >retail from eBay/Amazon douches...

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Gouken, by far, is my favorite of the new additions.

His EX dragon punch and his Ultra are sweet delicious ownage.

All his combos hurt like a bitch, too..

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yeah like... to me it sounds kinda like a Japanese influenced backstreet boys..

and i cannot get it out of my head..  dig is not the right word for me..  succumb maybe?

whatever it is... its not horrible, but i hate it for what it is doing to me

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has anyone been able to pull this with a PS3 controller?

is Everyone using sticks to do this shit?  I've been playing street fighter since i was in 3rd grade, but never really played with a stick..

now i'm starting to think, for some of this:

focus attack
plexus strike
crouch fierce punch
fierce punch shoryuken
metsu hadouken

business...  its nearly impossible to pull with a pad..

or maybe theres just sand in my vagina?  thoughts?

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with sf4 and re5 coming around the same time, i had almost no intentions of buying this game... until now  =/


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No sir,

I had read several forum posts regarding the red drum pad not working and the new guitar making a very annoying squeaking sound.

I had not heard about faulty cymbals as of yet, but would be interested to know if that is an issue as well.

Anyone gotten the full band kit lately?

Also I really am curious about the sound lag if youre running HDMI to your TV then using Optical to a receiver.  That's how I am setup currently and the microphone is damn worthless in RB1 currently.