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If anyone is interested in reading way too many words about abstract video game ideas I keep thinking about here yo…

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I didn't think it would be this hard

I came to Giant Bomb around 2014. I remember I had a coworker who was a big fan in 2013 and he told me about them and I remember when Ryan died, but I finally dipped my toes in a bit later. I was immediately a fan. I used to be big into Achievement Hunter/the Rooster Teeth Let's Play stuff in the early 2010's but by the time I was getting into Giant Bomb a lot of that stuff just wasn't for me anymore. I was less and less interested in people playing things up to the rafters and putting on what was obviously a character whenever they hit the record button. Giant Bomb was the exact thing that I was looking for.

I bought my first premium membership after the Contradiction Quick Look + Subsequent supplemental footage. I had to see where that stuff went and I never looked back. I've been a premium member since. It's always been my comfort place. If I'm having a week where I'm getting my ass kicked and I'm anxious and I have zero energy and just want to lie in bed all day I know that Mario Party Party or Demo Derby or Steal My Sunshine or Playdates or UPF will be there for me. I'm far from the first person to say that they've helped me through difficult times, but I think it just speaks to how special this place is.

I was bummed out when they announced the departures but I want everyone to do what makes them happy, and I'm intrigued to see where the site goes next. I just finished watching the goodbye stream and man I didn't expect it to kick me in the stomach as hard as it did.

I think it's because I always thought of that core four; Jeff, Vinny, Alex, and Brad, as eternal. Others may come and go, but those guys would always be here. I couldn't fathom waking up one day to find them not at Giant Bomb. Which, I know, is incredibly naive. I'm a goddamn 31 year old man I should know better. Even so it hit me super hard to watch them say their goodbyes, to hear Jan play that fucking song over it which is absolutely thematically appropriate but an emotional low blow that I both hate and love, and to read the Community Spotlight.

I sat here just crying for like 20 minutes. I know that it'll all work out okay. I know that everyone will be better off and happier. I know the site will live on and change and still be something that I love. But in that moment, I just wanted to beg those guys not to go. And if there's anybody else who had a similar reaction to me, just know that it's okay, that you should feel those feelings. We can be sad for a little while.

See you folks next game.