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It must be official. (Top ten games of all time)

I just posted the following top ten games of all time over on NeoGAF. Might as well dump it here for memories sake. Granted, I took about five minutes to come up with the list, but sometimes I find those to be the most accurate.
1: Shenmue II
2: Mass Effect
3: Civilization IV
4: Metal Gear Solid
5: Trials HD
6: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
7: Full Throttle
8: Red Dead Redemption
9: Freedom Fighters
10: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2      



My PC is runs through my sound system and HDTV so I have all these features in a more accessible package. That would be a big 'meh' from my end. I run my xbox exclusively for games. I don't spin the drive for DVDs or listen to music on it nor do I see myself ever doing so.


"Must own" games?

The only must own game this Fall in my book is Modern Warfare 2.  Everything else can wait til next year or is a rental from Gamefly. (Brutal Legend, Borderlands, Way of the Samurai 3 [Hell yeah!], L4D2, Assassins Creed 2,  and Army of Two T40D.  I would be buying Ballad of Gay Tony but seeing as I can rent Episodes from Liberty City, I'll just be going that route.  
Seriously people, buying merely two of these games will set you back enough money to support a half year of Gamefly getting two games at a time. Aside from Borderlands and L4D2, every one of those games in my rental list will be collecting dust on gamer's shelves or traded in before before the New Year. I just don't understand why people buy single player experiences that don't last more than thirty hours.


EA announces skate 3 and skate.Create

Quote from EA's website:  
"The franchise also continues to raise the bar for user created content with the skate.Create feature suite, an innovative  toolset that empowers gamers to truly express their skate style by creating their own graphics, videos, and skate parks."
Those last two words are what I have been waiting for in the Skate franchise. Some may call this game 'too soon', but as I see it, there is a brand new world to skate and the ability to craft my own skateparks. 
That feature alone will add almost infinite replayability provided that the share and review systems are in place properly. Label me excited for May '10.


Digital distribution is a welcome feature for select titles.

I purchase downloadable games on occasion, however I am very particular about what I get in this format. The biggest reason, for me, to buy a downloadable game would be for convenience sake. Having Battlefield 1943 on my Xbox 360 and accessible right from the dash is really great.  
I have always been a big game renter. I rent from Gamefly and more than 95% of my games are not purchases. The few games I do buy are either really long and full of replayability, such as Oblivion and Forza 2, or are multiplayer focused. If Modern Warfare 2 had a download option, I would jump at the opportunity. Having the convenience of accessing a game from a menu for titles I play a lot not only saves the wear on my disc drive, but also is preserved from ever being scratched or stolen as you can always recover it via download. 
If it is a game that will be in my collection forever (never going to sell it) and the DRM is smart (no download limits) then I am all for digital distribution.



Yesterday I crossed the 53% mark with 55,665 for my achievements.  I’m off of gamefly for the time being, so I'm left going back to some older ones to finish them off. Played through Assassins Creed again for the conversationalist, and grabbed the flags. I really enjoyed Hitman going for the professional Silent Assassins. I had a great time burning through the game on easy for the last achievement. You can get away with murder compared to professional mode. ( pun?)

Now I'm back on the Halo 3 train after more than a year off. Call of Duty is so much more my pace and style. I am enjoying the new maps and chasing those new achievements though. I'm personally holding off on Mythic for now. I can wait until it drops to the magical price of free when ODST comes out.

Well 53% took a bit.  I doubt I'll reach the coveted 75% with the coming wave of games which will add another huge gap to the completion list. Check out if you follow your achievements or want to join up with the Giantbomb group. Its a blast.


Skate 2...that is all

Skate 2 is everything I wanted from a sequel and more. I love the diversity in the environments. I can cut some realistic lines one minute and go craczy  with 100 foot drops to launch ramps the next. There have only been two really frustrating challenges so far; 'Can you spell GIRL' and one where they want you to handplant the walkway above Slappy's half pipe. I have completed both but not without it making me go a bit crazy. I've wrapped up the career paths and am now working on the hilarious Hall of Meat challenges.

All in all, I see myself investing heavily in this game. Now its off to 1000/1000 it. I'm half way there.

COD W@W 1000/1000

Finally finished up W@W. Heart of the Reich on veteran is insane. It makes the start of Corkscrew look like a vacation. Overall, its a great game and was one hell of a ride.