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Systems I have owned

All of the systems I have ever personally owned.

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  • My first game stystem. I once traded it to my brother with all my games for a wrestling match. Then my mom made him give it back.

  • I still remember the level unlock code for Sonic.

  • That is not a Sega Nomad. How does Giantbomb not have a Nomad page?

  • I asked my parents for a N64 for Christmas and a week later changed my mind and asked for a Playstation. Little did I know she had already purchased the N64 and actually returned it to get what I asked for. (Earned some big mom points when I learned about that) This set me on the path I am on today. What a different gamer I would be had I gotten the N64. I might not even be playing games any more.

  • My first campout for a system. First in line at Circuit City at 10 p.m. First one to get my grubs on the system and get it home. First to put in SSX and have the system freeze. Probobly one of the first people to call tech support and send my brand new broken system in for a repair without playing at all. (No returns, because the store obviously sold out.)

  • Got off of work at around 12:30 on the eve of this thing's launch. Figured I'd hop into Walmart and sure enough, they had them. I even got my choice in color. I played it for a bit; found out I hated Smash Brothers (only dabbled with it on the N64 at a friends house) and sold the system to a buddy at school the following week.

  • First guy with a job among my friends at school so I ended up buying two of these puppies, six additional controllers and two copies of Halo so I could host some LAN parties. Those were the days...

  • Despite my intentions to buy this on launch day, I actually won mine in the month prior on It was a Mountain Dew promotion where they gave away an Xbox 360 every, you guessed it, ten minutes. It was an awesome day. And, we all got them three days before launch to boot! It is by far my favorite console I have ever owned.