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Addiction and reward await the bold. 0

Trials HD is a game that sits the player on a motocross bike and tasks them with one thing; get to the finish line. While this starts off as a very simple task in the early levels, it is not long before the obstacles in your way will have you scratching your head as to how to proceed. As your confidence rises, the objective of the game changes. No longer will one be content with simply finishing the levels. Soon the player will want to cross that checkered strip with no faults and finally beginn...

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So many mistakes. 0

As an avid fan of MMA and the UFC I was really looking forward to this title. I am very disappointed though as the game plays like a brawler and does not mimic the sport in any way other than through a familiar vocabulary of terms. The biggest neglect in this title is that it ignores the very things that make the great athletes out there great.Anderson Sylva is one of the most fluidly evasive fighters in the world and has incredible accuracy with his strikes, but this game has no evasion system....

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