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My wrestling concerns

Ive been out of wrestling for two months now. I was ranked number two in the state before I dislocated my elbow, as of my recent all-divisional award I was invited to a tournament in New York next weekend. After my dislocation I physically broke down and cried, It hit me SO hard when they told me I wasn't finishing my season. Harder than the death of family or anything Ive had the misfortune of experiencing in my life so far. This sport turned my life around and gave me something that I needed. The problem is that I'm still not at 100% health and I'm nervous because this particular tournament is of a high calibur I haven't wrestled in two months. I've never walked onto the mat without feeling confident and I feel like my performance is going to suffer because of this. I'm the captain of my team and upon my return I'm expected to inspire but I have no idea if I can.