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Best of 2009

NarcolepticBat: Best of 2009

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  • Uncharted 2 took my breath away. All the scenary was flawless as it flew by, all the characters emoted with quality better than many of 2009's major motion pictures. This game had great character development, punchy shooting and amazing cinematic presentation. Simply flawless.

  • Many many of the Best of lists official and unofficial will be filled to the brim with Modern Warfare 2 appraisal. But there was one game that came out in February which had nearly as much cynicism behind it and just as much tastyness[?]. Killzone 2 was an action packed event, filled with interesting ideas and wonderful execution. An important note, to those who do not enjoy the sniper role in these shooters I am with you, however Killzone and Bad Company are the only two games with the perfect sniper rifle, Flicking the controller to get a quick snap kill is AMAZING. Definately the shooter of the year.

  • inFAMOUS was a great game, a must play for playstation owners. Playstation kicked off the year with this bang and never stopped rolling! shooting lighting in dudes faces, rolling and jumping to kick a man in the face never felt so fluent! FUCK prototype and its gamey mechanics.

  • I played borderlands for 48 hours straight, stopping only for bodily functions. It is that good.