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Final Fantasy XIV

I dont know if it even should be called a game. Most of my time is spent running between cities looking for quests with a 36 hour cooldown.
Somehow Square Enix has managed to take the fun out of online gaming. Almost every element in the game seems to be from 1990´s.


An era has ended

Think I will write far fewer blogs from now on. This is the last one that I need for the blog quest.
But I did try to write about interesting things. Could just have typed gibberish. Dont think anyone really reads these.


A special mention for Fable 3

One of the reasons that I am excited for Fable 3 is simply the fact that John Cleese is the voice of the butler in the game.
I know...I am very easy to please but its JOHN CLEESE. The man can deliver a punch line even in his sleep.


Good year in PC based RPG´s

The fall of 2010 is a pretty good year for Pc based RPG´s. Considering that in a space of 2 or 3 months we get the following games:
Gothic 4
Two worlds 2
Fallout: Las Vegas
Though I would have liked to have Witcher 2 also this year but more polish is a good thing.


A few words about Hydrophobia

Have now played 2 acts of Hydrophobia. The game really isnt that bad. 
What does bother me a bit about the game is the fact that most of the gameplay consists of finding a key card and then having to find a cipher to open a locked door somewhere. This particular game mechanic repeats a bit too much. The developers should use the security cameras more as an in-game element in opening locked doors. 
The really nice thing in Hydrophobia is the combat. With a bit more  puzzles involving environmental destruction the game would be a much better experience. There are lots of exploding barrels and various other things that one can blow up and kill enemies with. Also the gun has different types of ammunition which also brings variety to killing stuff.
Hopefully they sell enough in order to make the second part of the planned trilogy to have a bit more variety to opening locked doors and doing things with electronics.
Oh and the hacking is pretty annoying. One has 30 seconds to hack stuff and you have to hack the same thing 4 times. And this is on normal difficulty.


Been playing Final Fantasy XIV a bit

I have tried over 10 mmo´s and must say that I had the most trouble getting started in Final Fantasy XIV. The manual that comes with the game is pretty useless
when it comes to getting started in the game.
The game starts and  there is not the usual tutorial where some things are explained to you. There are guides relating to the interface and to the quests but you have to read these so called "in-game books" in order to learn what each thing does in-game.  I wish the game would give the information in a piecemeal fashion so a new player would have some time to process what each thing does.
For example as a class I chose a pugilist but had no idea which stats are important for the that class. The game doesnt explain the stats in the actual user-interface but in those "in-game books".
The quests themselves are nicely done and interesting. At least the 2 main quests that I have done so far. A bit troubling is the fact that the map doesnt indicate where the next main quest begins. One has to go around clicking the npc´s in order to find the next main quest.


Square Enix and slow download speeds

Trying to update my installed Final Fantasy XIV game. For some reason the connection is pretty slow. Have a relatively fast Internet connection and can usually attain download speeds up to 5,4 megs per second.
But from Square Enix I am getting a download estimate of 9+ hours. Probably a firewall or something is preventing a faster download. Hopefully I can figure it out otherwise I wont be playing the mmo today.


Bought and Installed Final Fantasy XIV

Time to play some Final Fantasy XIV. Never played the original mmo from square as I heard too many bad things about the grind involved in higher levels.
Just wanting basically to get some timeoff from Wow. The expansion for Wow cant come soon enough. I do understand that Blizzard wants to keep the quality of the final product high but 2+ years is a pretty long time to wait between the expansions. 
Though we all will buy them anyway. Its an addiction...although fortunately not an expensive one unless one has several accounts and plays them at the same time. Then it can get pretty expensive.


Final fantasy XIV

Today should be the day when I can try the new mmo from Square namely Final fantasy XIV. Probably wont play the game any longer than what is required for reaching the maxium level in the game. Usually online games other than Wow lack any meaningful endgame.
Wonder if I should call the games that Cryptic makes true mmo´s as that particular developer churns content void mmo´s every 2 years. Hopefully the new Star Wars mmo from Bioware will help me get rid of the addiction that is called World of Warcraft.
After six years of playing World of Warcraft the game seems too familiar to me. Playing a new mmo ....any mmo like a breath of fresh air. Unfortunately that breath doesnt usually last for very long.


Dying a lot in Deathspank

Should never play games tired. Died a lot when playing Deathspank: thongs of virtue. Usually accidentally  pressing a grenade button or firing a rocket launcher at a barrel that i was trying to break.  The game even suggested to me that I could switch the difficulty level.
Though I am a bit amazed at how the game gives out the quests as sometimes I am almost 3 levels below the mobs that I am supposed to kill.

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