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Bad video game movies

Lets be honest for a sec and talk about something we all know. Videogame movies suck. I started thinking about this when I heard they were gonna make a SHADOW OF THE COLOSUS movie. Im not saying theyre not entertaining, cause they can be. Im allways entertained by the RE movies. HITMAN was verry action-e, wich is good, and SILENTHILL had some creepy moments that gave it a unique feel 2 it. But when you think about it, there hasnt been a good game movie ever. And it boggles the mind why that is. You can understand why when the material you have to work with as a movie director isnt that good, like MARIO. Making a movie about a turtle stomping man who gets high (and by getting high I mean his stature) using mushrooms cant be that easy.  Could have been the same case with DOOM or HOUSE OF THE DEAD. But when you have great material like SILENTHILL, RESIDENT EVIL, and MAXPAYNE, you cant help but wonder why is it that they endup making a movie so lame that only people who played the game MAY LIKE.

I have a theory to why this happens.
********** I belive it is because the desire of the director and the screenplay writer to leave their mark on their work, it ends up changing the original story. When you play a videogame with a cool story, a story that makes you feel something, you sometimes think, "Man, this would be a great movie", and you want more people to see or hear that story, but alot of people wont because they dont like 2 play videogames. Im gonna use the SILENTHILL card again, but I have to, its a story where a normal guy driving through some creepy lonley road with his daugther, gets into an accident and passes out. The first thing instinct dictates when you wake up is "look at your sourroundings, make sure everything is ok". He notices hes in a creepy deserted town, remembers his daugther was riding with him so he looks to his side hoping shes ok, and WAM!!! Shes gone, the door is open and he has no idea why shes not there or where she went to. Guy goes looking afther her and starts finding creepy-disgusting monsters unlike you've ever seen, he finds a cop who seems to be as lost as he is, and some other characters who also seem to be scared of the monsters but with hidden agendas or secrets of their own.
Pitch that to a movie studio and they'd be like, sounds cool, lets hear more about it. But instead of retelling that cool story they change the main character to a women, who has an adopted daughter with sleep walking problems, a women smart enough to find out her 8 y/o daugther's skizo-like behaviour can only mean the kid wants to go to silent hill bucause it is conected to her sleep walking problem (riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight). Then they endup cuting characters from the original story, adding new ones, they mash in together characters and mosnters from the first and second game and at the end of the mess they wrote, they end up thinking, "IM SURE THE THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE WHO LIKED THE GAME CAUSE OF ITS STORY WILL LIKE MY VERSION BETTER".
This was one of those rare cases in wich you didint had to change anything to make it appealing to the masses. Its a good story, people who like it will still lkie it, people who dont, still wont, and people who havent heard the story or played the game may endup liking it alot. CHANGING A GOOD STORY DOESNT HELP.

Same can be said bout ResidentEvil, MAXPAYNE and probably the same thing will happen to the SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS movie that was recently anounced. TRASH IS TRASH AND PUTTING GLITER ON IT WONT CHANGE THAT. If a story is good or bad, adding your style to it wont change the outcome, it remains as a good or bad story. But changing the story it self is simply wrong, its like saying you didint liked Shakespeare's work so you'll change the story so that Romeo makes a cameo appearance on Macbeth.

Movie directors and People who write this movies should stop trying to change it. If people liked the game and its story, its becasue it was already good. Changing it so that people who didint play the game understand whats going on is unecesary.
If you start with a good story (or game in this case) you'll have a good movie (Uwe Boll is the exception to this rule). The first time we played those games we also didint have an idea of what was going on, but as it unfolded you started to know who was good and who was bad. Same principal aplies in a movie.

Well, this is my theory. Maybe if enough people have answers the word will get out that people who actually play videogames found out WHY ARE VIDEOGAME MOVIES SO BAD?

FYI. I do think there are movies that are fun to watch, or bring back nice memories, like the first mortal kombat, but I'm talking about a GOOD movie, not just a "it kinda looks ok" feeling.

The story, the studios, the ability to make awesome special efects, they're all there, The only thing thats misssing is a director, and writer who are willing to "suck up their pride" and not change someone else's story because they like their own version better.

Well thats it for me. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, have fun making your own theories.

Untill next time.