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Is GameSpot out to get me or am I paranoid????

Normally, I wouldnt say anything bad about any website. I mean, why would I. Its not like anything is going to happen afther that, things that I dont like about it wont change cause I said something, so again, why would I????

Well recently I got my answer. I rember that before was created, I was a happy GS member, with a 3 or 4 y/o acount. At some point I was a total acces paying member, who every now and then posted things on the forums. Created a few hot topics, posted pictures on my acount, I was even a high lvl with lots of badges (kinda like achievements from xbox) for watching e3 on gamespot, GDC, tokyo game show, you name it.

I did get a few monitor warnings for this and that, so I knew I was on thin ice with them. I decided not to go back for a whille (1 year or so), so when I did, my acount had been deleted, and it gave me a GAMEOVER mssge. I wasnt suprised. It was gamespot afther all. Lots of their original or senior workers left for a reason.
But recently I tried to setup a new acount with them. So I could get a fresh start. No more bad words on forums, flaming, or anything of the sort. I just wanted to watch the live press conferences from the big 3 on their page and get my badge for doing so. But nooooooooooo said GameSpot. They decided my new acount was of suspicious nature and banned me afther a few minutes. Tried 2 more times afther that and the same thing kept happening. I mean, WTF.

That just sucks, I remember that at one point I emailed them a complaint about ther online monitors and how they wanted to suspend your posting rights for every little thing, except if they knew the guy, they wouldnt even do anything about it. And I got an aswer from a Jody Robinson saying that it was their call, and if they wanted to do so, that they were probably right and I was wrong. That pissed me off even more. I did get to watch e3 live on their page with my GAMEOVER acount, but It wasnt the same with out the badge. Its just really sad to see a great (or what used to be great) comunity and website go down the toilet like that. They curently have a flashier presentation for everyting they make, but it just doesnt have that fun-factor it used to have. Thats too bad, good thing other options like gametrailers, kotaku and giantbomb are out there.