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Strangest thing done to play a game

When I think of all the games Ive played in my life, what comes to mind are the moments when I played them, not the gameplay or the game it self.  
You know, summer afternoons with FinalFantsy, school nights with zelda, even spring mornings with other games. 
Whats funny though, is what I did to play or keep playing some of those games.
I remember I had to get an award at elementary school so my dad would buy me a game I wanted. 
I told my girlfriend I had a stomach ache many times so I could hang out and play gamecube, ps1 and gameboy games with her best friend's cousin. 
But the one I remember the most, the one I would never do again, even though I dont regret it, is missing school for over a week to play a portable game. 
I would take the bus to school but didint actually go there, I kept riding the bus. At the bus stop I called up my school using a public phone so the street noise would drown out the sound of my voice and I would try to sound like my dad or my older brother. I told them how my son or younger brother had health problems and couldnt go to school. Because of the background noise theyd just thanked me for calling and asked for the students name so they could tell the teachers so that it wouldnt afect my grades. I would ride back in the same bus and spend hours at my neighbors house. We ate pizza and I played my game while he played his. His mom was not home during the morning so we were able to pull off that week or so of gaming. When I went back to school, all the worried looks and get well wishes and cards/ballons made me feel good for having people who cared, but bad for making them think I was actually sick. Thats part of the reason I would never do that again, and Im too old to do that now. 
Whats the weirdest thing youve done to play a game, did you miss school, work, something important. Let the Giant Bomb community know.