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Great game, if your into cars 0

What can be said about Toca Race Driver 3 other than its a good game. The last time I played a racing game that gave me mindless fun regardless of the dificulty was back when Gran turismo 3 was new. I remember having fun doing the 100 lap challenges with friends, doing the rally courses over and over cause I liked the way cars drifted all over the track, I even had fun playing some of the tracks I didint liked so much just cause I liked the way the wet aspahult looked. To me Gran turismo 3 was a...

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Fun 4 a free game 0

Considering FLYFF or Fly For Fun is a free game, If you have enough patience, your getting on ok game, with a strong community that is willing to help even the neediest of MMO players out there. Its an MMORPG that has around 6 islands, wich are fun enough to explore the first time. But after that, the only reason you keep going back to them, is the people you met in the game. They are friendly, and most of the time helpful. The quests in the game arent all that exciting. They all involve somethi...

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