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The Shoemakers is pretttttyyyy guuud

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@nick said:

huh, 10 years and i've never had these problems, except occasionally when it was on my end. where do you live? i'm in Vancouver, maybe the servers are on the west coast and you're on the east coast?

Same thing here except I'm on the east Canadian coast. I honestly cannot remember having any streaming issues with the site and I've been a subscriber since day one. And god knows I'm watching so many stuff on the site.

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FF13 is the only game I cannot understand how I ever managed to get all achievements in it. All I have is bad memories of this game, how did I ever do all of this?

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There's no Mario Party Party without Jeff!

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As many others, I'm suffering from anxiety as well. My form of anxiety is anticipation, always trying to be 1000 steps ahead of anything. This led to a massive work-related burn out and I've managed to get over it just a few weeks ago. I'm running on various medication with sleeping pills for the night and Trintellix for the day and my doctor is not sure yet if I'll be using them for the rest of my life.

The way I explain it to others is that it's mostly subconscious. I want to have fun, I want to not be stressed out. Unfortunately, my body and brain don't feel the same way and this leads to some issues. I may leave a party for a good 15 minutes to get back into the right mindset, I might not show up at work for a day, I may cancel plans we had at the last minute. The important part is to talk about it with others and to find the right times to get into the thick of it.

Since my main anxiety trigger is anticipation, I tell others what I suffer from and ask to basically stop me if I try to talk about something in the future that is out of my control while using the word "if". My anticipation is easily fed and people enjoy jumping into it with me which increases my anxiety.

For your mom, there's no better way to simply ask her to research it on her own. I had a few issues with my parents as well but once they got the gist of it, they actually went to see my psychologist to simply ask for tips on how to support someone with anxiety.

The main thing to explain to others is that we'll never be free. Anxiety is a demon that will always be present. We can manage it and others can help us not fall into it but it's not some form of disease with a cure. There's no magic pill.

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Having just had a 62 years old who just started gaming himself, I put him on Donkey Kong on the NES. Keep playing until you get pass level 3 and 2 weeks later he did it and was crazy about it. He started looking at videos about how other people do it and he got himself a huge confidence boost on the handling on the controller. He said he played about an hour per day here and there.

He's now moving on to Super Mario Brothers on the NES and is going nuts about the fact that Mario runs and thrilled about the mushroom giving him an additional chance. He seems interested by Castlevania as well but understood the additional complexity of "attacking" enemies and stuff.

My goal is to eventually move him all the way up to the Nintendo Switch. I don't think he's ever gonna get interested with big story games but he seems to connect a lot with run-based games or those focused on the gameplay purely with minimal story.

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I'm a big fan of this new approach. My tastes seem to match those of Jeff pretty well and it will be interesting in the future to get more than one duder input on a game.

We could have a 3 people roundtable where someone likes the game a whole bunch, one who hates it and one who's lukewarm about it. Way more nuanced than simply having a written review.

PS: Big fan of the audio format. I can now get my review information on my daily walks or commute!

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@deathpooky & @chris2klee: Were you guys able to receive an invite? Is the clan still running?

Wondering myself as I'm about to be on the lookout for a clan soon :3

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Late for the well-wishes but sending them still.

Felow duders unite!

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Hello duders,

Just a heads-up that two videos on the murder island page seem to have bad descriptions:
The.Wizard.Of.Murder.Island.Extended.Directors.Cut.2017.720p.WebRip.x264-GiANTBOMB (nuked: bad.settings_mic.too.loud)

This pretty much breaks the layout on the show page and on the episode page as well.

Stay cool duders,