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Not My Cup of Tea

Games that are supposed to be really good, but for some reason I just couldn't get into them.

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  • I find the Mushroom Kingdom strangely disturbing and I can't help feeling claustrophobic when I'm 'in' it similar to the way I feel about Dr. Seuss books (and their respective settings). Perhaps that's why the thought of spending hours and hours there in this RPG didn't strike me as fun.

  • In all the ways that matter to me, this was such a downgrade from Morrowind =(

  • Another case of not liking the sequel to one of my favorite games of all time.

  • Controls, movement, and animation are all stiff as a board. I guess you could say that about all early 3D fighters but, in my mind at least, Tekken is exceptionally so. Especially after the one-two punch of Dead or Alive 2/Soul Calibur came out on the DC, there was just no excuse.

  • The game that kicked off 3D platforming, hailed as a masterpiece. But, as you may guess, for some reason I couldn't get into it. I prefer 2D Marios to 3D ones.

  • Frequently hailed as the best Zelda, for some reason I could never get into it. I prefer 3D Zeldas to 2D ones.

  • 3D Mario clone.

  • God of War is funny because I love the mythology that this game is set in, but not really into the action/brawler type of game that it is. I mean, I played it and its fun, but I wasn't going gaga over it. Now a GoW RPG, that would be something I could get into.

  • The first games were innovative at the time but I never got the chance to play them. Now the series is nothing like what it used to be.

  • Hate Tetris.

  • Burnout 1-3 were each fun for like 15 minutes. Never played Paradise. Am I missing something?

  • Borrowed it from a friend, thought it was pretty good.

  • Bought it, sold it. After the story mode was done the multiplayer just held zero interest for me. In all ways better than Gears 1, just that the value you're willing to assign something changes dramatically when you actually pay for it. Lesson learned.

  • Don't see the appeal.

  • Fun for about 30 minutes. Then you realize you're wasting your life away caring for fake people instead of real people.

  • I acknowledge this is a great RPG, but the whole cutesy aesthetic turned me off from the start.

  • I was really hyped for the first Fable. Bought it day one and couldn't help being disappointed by it. I hear great things about the sequel, but I just feel like I've had all Fable I need for the time being. Playing the first hour or so of Fable II did nothing to change my mind.