Few quick throughs on fallout 3 and oblivion

So, haven't blogged in ages, I did finally play through fallout 3, it wasn't as fun for me as oblivion, I guess i just liked the whole dark brotherhood and thief's guild stories way to much, most people disagree with me, but oblivion was a game where you made your own fun, fallout 3 they are trying to make it mainstream with forcing you to level up and yes it's very good, but i think that the next elder scrolls will be better. I did like fallout 3, it was nice to see all the gore and violence, was quite a touch.
I know that I personally won't be getting the new vegas one, I just can't get into fallout 3 anymore, i played through one of the expansions point lookout and I was struggling to get through it, was just sooo bored and over fallout. Maybe  I need to just put it down for a while and then go back to it.
Thanks for reading, Haven't blogged in 13 months, thought I will quickly break the drought, been a looker in instead of a poster!