PS3 on the way!!!! (at last)

I've been wanting a PS3 for a couple years now (basically ever since MGS4 came out), but I just haven't been able to justify it. Mainly because I have a wife, a kid, and bills to pay, and I already have a 360 and a decent gaming PC.  Still, it hurt to be left out in the dark on some dang good exclusives for the PS3 over the past year or two.  Now, I've finally decided to take the plunge. I got a good chunk of change for my birthday and last night I placed the order on Amazon.  The only thing that sucks is I selected the free super saver shipping, which is 5-9 business days. Oh well, I've waited a couple years, I think another week or so won't kill me.
Games I'll be buying - MGS4, of course!  I've got a friend who has Demon's Souls and both Uncharted games so I'll definitely be borrowing those in the near future.  Eventually I'll need to get God of War 3 and LittleBigPlanet (2?).  Oh man, I'm so pumped - how will I get anything done in the next week?