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This game gave me PTSD too, Walker. 0

Spec Ops: The Line came out last summer and I finally picked it up last month. The only reason I was even remotely interested in playing it was because I’d heard the story took some unique turns that set it apart from the (very crowded) modern military shooter genre. That story did not disappoint, for the most part. While I expected it to start out a little more heroically and deteriorate over time, I instead found it taking a pretty dark turn within the first half hour so. Instead of going from...

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great (and beautiful) puzzler 0

My brother's fascination with all things 'claymation' made this a must buy in our home.  We played it for a quite a while in middle school. I have to say, I probably never beat the game and can't find it anywhere now.  Still, this is a great game for three reasons - 1- Beautiful graphics. The art in this game is incredible, and it's all the real deal (real clay in motion). I don't know what the creators were smoking, but I'm glad they were!  The world this game creates is like nothing you've eve...

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didn't sweep me off my feet 0

The game's visuals are what drew me in, and I still love the art style. It's unique, amazing - beautiful. However, the game itself just seemed to drag on and on for me and gave little sense of where the story was going. As soon as I'd think I'd freed the world from the dark curse, the curse would appear somewhere else and we'd do the same thing all over again. I can only save the world so many times, and after logging forty hours with no sense of whether or not it will end soon, I'm getting sick...

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