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The S-Rank List!

Self Explanatory. The games are listed in the order that I 100%'d them.

List items

  • This free arcade game was actually pretty fun. I got all of the achievements in about 10 minutes, but I'd hardly call it 10 minutes wasted.

  • This is a great game, and I'm approaching 8000 kills online. Too bad the achievements were mad easy. I'm sure DICE could have put a little more effort into them.

  • Ah, such a great game. The achievements are time consuming, but fun to get.

  • Spec Ops was a real pain on Veteran, but it was satisfying to get the full 1000.

  • I had been sitting on the Alien Archivist achievement for several months when I finally got this. On my first attempt I accidentally missed one recording, forcing me to play through the entire Mothership Zeta DLC again.