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Ezio's final adventure turns out to be a satisfying one 1

As far as sequels go, Assassin's Creed: Revelations is the one that plays it safe, choosing to rely on your enjoyment of the previous games to get anything out of it rather than meaningful additions. As a result, the franchise is left in the state that it was in at the end of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, in that there really isn't anything here that brings the series forward. There is plenty to enjoy here in Ezio's final adventure as long as you're willing to do some trimming around the edges,...

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Supergiant Games delivers with this beautiful downloadable title 0

Bastion successfully shatters whatever expectations you may have for a download-only game. It's driven by a fantastical story delivered by a clever narrator (voiced by Logan Cunningham) who not only responds to your actions, but also fills in the universe with details that are vague enough to give you a pretty good idea of what happened to the world while managing to not swamp you in overbearing details. The fluid and dynamic combat system goes hand-in-hand with the game's storytelling in a rema...

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A nice Zombie map isn't enough to justify $15 5

Chances are, you already know if you want the Annihilation map pack for Black Ops or not. If, for some reason, you find yourself on the fence, you need to think any longer. Unless you're a huge fan of the exceptionally dull colors of brown and grey, you're going to want to avoid this.The Annihilation pack introduces four new multiplayer maps and one new Zombie map, the latter of which being the best part of the package. Shangri-La lacks the exciting punch that the unique Call Of The Dead map off...

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Enter the streets of '40s L.A. in one of the year's best games 0

It's rare for an open-world game with the Rockstar logo on it to put zero emphasis on murderous rampages, but that is exactly the case in L.A. Noire. Rather than focusing on a disturbed individual who's perfectly fine with ending any life form he comes across, L.A. Noire does a 180 degree turn and throws the police into the spotlight. The result is a fantastically crafted open-world adventure game with little emphasis on action and and more emphasis on stellar investigation mechanics and unbelie...

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A messed up experience still worth having 0

Fallout: New Vegas might be one of the most poorly made games I've played recently. When the game isn't locking up every few hours, the framerate is either dipping to sickening levels in some spots or the game is otherwise breaking in some other amazing way that will either make you cringe or laugh hysterically. Naturally, a game in this state would be very difficult to recommend, but between all the rough spots is a title that is very much a worthy sequel to 2008's Fallout 3. Whether or not you...

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A chase worth experiencing 0

It says a lot about Criterion as a developer when I find myself thoroughly pleased with Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit despite not wanting a Need For Speed game since... ever. Hot Pursuit embodies many of the things that I could possibly ask for in a racing game, from the constant and powerful excitement that is felt in every race to the occasionally stiff but always rewarding competition of the online multiplayer. Simply put, Hot Pursuit is one of the finest and intense racing experiences to come ...

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It's your standard Call of Duty, but with a few twists 2

Say what you will about Treyarch, but after spending numerous hours with Black Ops it seems like this company is fit to be the main Call of Duty developer should Infinity Ward officially shut down for good. The core gameplay, although largely the same, does have some subtle and not-so-subtle tweaks and changes that help to keep the experience fresh.  Don't be surprised when you hear "Fortunate Son" playing during one Vietnam mission The story in Black Ops is really unlike anything you've see...

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Good idea, poor execution 0

If the idea of meeting up with the Survivors from Left 4 Dead 1 really excites you, you're probably going to be disappointed by The Passing. The idea had lots of potential, but the way Valve executed it leaves much to be desired. You only see the other Survivors twice throughout the entire thing, and there are only 3 chapters to play through. The interactions between the two groups of humans is pretty dry, and each of the original characters (except for the one that is considered dead) only seem...

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Bad Company 2 stomps the previous game in almost every aspect 2

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is a strange game. After spending a lot of time with it, I've come to the conclusion that DICE took one main aspect of the game in the wrong direction and took the other main aspect in the right direction. The end result is a game that certainly isn't of poor quality. Rather, it's a game that could have been much more, but wasn't due to some strange decisions made particularly with the single player.  War. Serious business. Bad Company 1 was the first real attempt ...

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You Are The Scorpio, No? 7

Just Cause 2 is one of those games that you can spend an hour playing doing nothing but retarded things like base jumping off a building and jacking a helicopter in mid air. If that's not crazy enough, try blowing up a satellite as it launches into space. Blow up some military bases in your spare time. If you're really bored, attach a civilian to a commercial jet and fly off. Just Cause 2 excels not because it tells a great story, but rather it's a stunning destructive playground where almost an...

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Yee Haw! 3

I did not like the first Call Of Juarez. I thought that the gameplay was too clunky and that the single player experience was marred by weak stealth sections and dumb climbing portions with the whiny Billy Candle. So imagine my surprise when I fired up Call Of Juarez: Bound In Blood and discovered that it is the game the first one should have been. The gameplay has been drastically improved in all the right ways. The story is more interesting, the shooting makes the game feel like a complete pro...

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While it's lacking in Originality, Bioshock 2 excels 2

I'm ashamed to say that I waited almost two years to play Bioshock. Part of that is because I didn't get a Xbox 360 until late 2007, and the other part is because I spent every day sitting on the couch playing Call of Duty 4. But when I finally played the game last year over April vacation, I was very impressed. It was so easy to get lost in the world, which was weird because you knew nothing about it. Bioshock 2 has a lot of expectations to live up to, and while returning to Rapture a second ti...

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One Year Later, Killing Zombies Is Still A Blast 5

When the reveal trailer for Left 4 Dead 2 was shown at E3 '09, the world exploded. Well, not really. The internet exploded. Boycotts were set up, messages boards were attacked, and upset gamers everywhere were crying wolf. Even though many people lost faith in Valve as a developer, there is no denying that Left 4 Dead 2 is an excellent sequel to the best zombie game of 2008.  It's that time once again! The concept of L4D2 is simple. You play as one of four (new) Survivors of the zombie apocalyps...

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Zombie Island is a healthy DLC that won't disappoint 0

Hey, Borderlands is a pretty cool game. A stylish art style, loot, 4 distinct character classes, and more loot is enough to attract lots of people. But what are you going to do when you've completed nearly every side quest in the game and have gotten the best guns ever? The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned is a "healthy" DLC, meaning it offers enough to satisfy those that need more original Borderlands content while managing to not come up dry. Zombie Island takes place on..... Zombie Island. It's run b...

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Enter Cyrodiil... after setting aside 200 hours of your time 3

Oblivion is the fourth edition to the Elder Scrolls series, a franchise of role playing games developed by Bethesda that have risen to fame for allowing players to embark on an epic journey and become the character they want to become. Even years after its release, Oblivion is an amazing adventure full of surprises, mysteries, and interesting locations that one could easily spend up to 200 hours playing it .  That's not good, is it? The main quest line in Oblivion follows your character as he or...

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Only The Insane Would Avoid This Game 1

Nobody really expects a game based around a comic book character to be very good. Multiple games in the past have tried to pull off this feat, but none have come anywhere close to Batman: Arkham Asylum. This game utterly surprised me. After playing the demo, I was hooked. Everything about it seemed so polished and so refreshing that it was hard to pass up. The quality of the package is so high that it's unlikely anyone would be disappointed.  Great, now you've done it The game beings with Batman...

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It's Left 4 Dead, Not Much Else (Crash Course review) 5

So Crash Course basically took me by surprise. I learned about it's release date the day before it came out. By chance I still had 640 Microsoft Points left, so I picked it up the next day. Crash Course really does nothing different, and is simply more Left 4 Dead, as you'd expect. It's meant to bridge the first and second campaigns together. The pilot that rescues you on the roof of Mercy Hospital turns into an Infected and the chopper crashes. The campaign itself is short, clocking in at aroun...

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Multiplayer Fans Need To Avoid This One (Map Pack 3 Review) 0

I was very excited about Map Pack 3, but unfortunately, the new multiplayer maps are so weak that it's not worth the 800 points unless you're a Nazi Zombies fan. The new maps are way to large and confusing. Treyarch said the fans wanted big maps. They said the fans didn't want "sniper fests or SMG fests". The new maps combine both of those. It's nearly impossible to take 10 steps without getting sniped by a player with an MP40 (although that's true for every map in the game), and going into one ...

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A Decent Download-Only Title That You'll Grow To Love Or Hate 0

Swedish developer DICE is best known for their popular multiplayer franchise, Battlefield. The series started out on the PC in everybody's favorite war, World War II, and continued to evolve over the years. It steadily grew to become one of the most popular franchises out there and eventually made it's way to other consoles with the release of Battlefield: Bad Company. This title brought the Frostbite engine into play, allowing players to demolish buildings and other structures as well as trees....

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Quite Possibly The Greatest Game Ever 2

Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing is quite possibly the greatest video game ever created. It combines stunning graphics (those brown block buildings have never looked so darn good), exciting gameplay (you can drive over mountains into an endless void!), and spectacular audio (that techno song gets me every time!) Better yet, the game isn't all that challenging, so new players can catch on easy! In fact, the other racer doesn't even move, and if he does, he stops before the finish line so the player...

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Conceptually neat, but hurt by a few severe issues 0

In most first person games out there, you carry a gun, and with that gun, you shoot dudes up and complete objectives. Swedish developer EA Digital Illusions CE (DICE) decided to take that formula and throw it right out the window. Mirror's Edge is a first person game, but the main focus isn't combat. It's running. The game drops you into the shoes of a woman named Faith, and throughout the game, you will run from point A to point B. It sounds simple, and it really is. Mirror's Edge is a conceptu...

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Four Survivors And Bloodthirsty Zombies: What Could Go Wrong? 5

Many games have tried to show what the inevitable zombie apocalypse will look like, but simply put, Left 4 Dead is the most exciting and original survival horror game to hit the market. The majority of the shooters out there tend to thicken the line between multiplayer and single player so that each mode offers something widely different from the other. However, Left 4 Dead is one of the few games out there that takes that line and blurs it to an almost indecipherable amount so that the end resu...

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World War II Isn't Dead Yet 1

The Brothers In Arms series has been giving gamers a new way to play World War II, and has become a well known franchise for it's blend of intense action and squad-based tactics. In the first game, you took control of Sergeant Matt Baker, and the series starts off with a bang as your are thrown out of an airplane into Nazi infested territory. The series made a sudden change with the next game as you are put into the boots of Baker's pal, Hartsock. With the newest entry to the series and the firs...

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Words Cannot Describe How Amazing Fallout 3 Is 0

I'll be honest by saying that at first, I didn't care for Fallout 3. I had not played the original games, so I really didn't know what the whole series was about and whether or not I would actually enjoy the game. A few gameplay videos from Youtube later, and I'm now on my second character clocking in at over 50 hours of playtime on this masterpiece. Fallout 3 is a post-apocalyptic shooter from , the masterminds of Oblivion, which I am ashamed that I haven't had a chance to play. Although the ga...

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Flatout2 really dominates the first one 0

IntroductionYou know, there are many ways to provoke someone into getting a video game. What I find interesting is the fact that someone, somewhere is willing to fork over $50 to buy a game that 90% of the world's population absolutely hate. That's what so fun about video games today. Everyone has a different opinion. For Flatout 2, you can hate it, and you can love it. What you CAN NOT do though, is make up your decision until you've actually played it.StoryIt's a racing game, come on! What do ...

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A pretty good expansion, but could have been much better 0

IntroductionFirst things first: Guitar Hero: Rocks The 80's is not a full sequel like GH2. It only has 30 songs, few unlockables, and not as many characters. Because of this, RT80's falls short of some people's expectations. It is a game that only hardcore Guitar Hero players, like myself, will be willing to pay the full $50 for it. While the price tag may be too extreme and may not be the best way to invest your money, you still get a pretty good rhythm game from Harmonix and Red Octane that's ...

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A hit or miss platformer that must NOT be missed 0

The reason why the title says Shadow Of The Colossus is a hit or miss game is because a lot of people hate platformers. A lot of people hate boss battles, and a lot of people hate the concept of using your platforming skills to win the boss battles. If any of these apply to you, then Shadow Of The Colossus (referred to as SotC for now) is definitely not for you. Even then, it is still a good idea to actually try the game out. It's not like your normal platforming game like Prince Of Persia, but ...

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MOH: Airborne breathes life back into the dying WWII franchise 1

It's been quite a while since a decent Medal Of Honor game was released, hasn't it? Sure, people can have their opinions about the different games, but from a technical standpoint, none of the games were really that good. Probably the main problem would have to be that in almost every game you felt as if you were alone, fighting the entire war by yourself. It just doesn't make much sense to me. One man can't fight a war alone, and thankfully, Airborne doesn't follow in the footsteps of the other...

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Three Years Later, This Game Is Still A Hit 0

The Call Of Duty video game series has always been my favorite. The intense first person action set during actual wars has always been enough to keep me going back for more. Call Of Duty 2 is no different. While it was released around three years ago and was technically the first great shooter for the Xbox 360, it doesn't mean gamers can't still enjoy it's satisfying action and smooth graphics.This is a good example of a tactical failure.The game, obviously, is set during World War II. You assum...

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