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Androgynous Witches in Bullet Hell 0

 Trouble Witches Neo is the latest in a long line of releases for XBox Live Arcade during the Spring of 2011, and it's likely one of the less known games to grace the service as well. Its colorful style and anime influence definitely put it in a niche that will attract players who know what they're looking for, but it it any good?This is pretty standard fare if you're a well-seasoned bullet hell aficionado. Definitely praise Trouble Witches for its wide variety of options. You've got several c...

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Bangai-WHOA. 3

 Treasure is well known for building games that have easy gameplay up front, but contain vast substructures underneath that cater to an audience looking for a new level of accomplishment. Radiant Silvergun, for instance, was a space shooter in its purest form, with a deep combo system lying just underneath. In Bangai-O: Missile Fury, Treasure has taken an old franchise from its N64/ Dreamcast days and reworked it in fine form, but not without a fatal flaw - the easy gameplay portion of thi...

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Always Be Switching Colors. 0

  Outland is a standard 2D platformer with a polarity-switching mechanic akin to classic shooter Ikaruga. Simply put, your main character can shift between two colors, blue and red, "light" and "dark" in game terms. Each enemy also has an associated color, and you can only defeat them with the opposite color. Most of the landscape is also populated with infinite bullet generators that spew endless barrages of colored bullets that will only damage your character when he is of the wrong c...

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