Favorite characters

Some of my favorite characters ever across all the games I've played. I tend to like a lot of main characters and I think this list proves it.

List items

  • Been a big fan of Sonic since day 1. I've played the games, read the comics and bought a lot more of the merchandise than I'd really care to discuss.

  • I like Cloud a lot because he's probably the one Final Fantasy hero I identify with the most, he tries to be tough but he's really weak and fragile inside. I feel as though Advent Children messed up his character a little unfortunately.

  • There isn't a whole lot to say, Ryu's awesome and he's the definitive fighting game main character.

  • I could fill this list with characters from Persona 4, but I'll reserve myself and try to pick a favorite favorite. Naoto's social link was one of my favorites to follow, she's a deep character who manages to pull of being vulnerable and yet badass at the same time.

  • Chris is a guy you just feel safe playing as in a horror game, he seems like he can handle any situation you come across. You can just sit back, play the game and let Chris handle whatever comes your way. I also like his role as the older brother, I think it's a shame you only really see this relationship play out in Code Veronica.

  • Great classic RPG hero, always driven to keep fighting and push on to his next goal. He's the stereotypical leader character and if I had to pick just one person out of that vast category I'd pick Cless. I like him so much I frequently steal his last name.

  • I'd match Terry Bogard up to Ryu any day. His engrish speaking is awesome, I love playing as him and he's the only character I know of to ask you how you're feeling before punching you in the face.

  • One of the most surprisingly complex fighting game characters I've ever encountered (and I mean storywise, not control wise). It's hard to go wrong being the protoge of Terry Bogard and the son of one of the most badass fighting game bosses ever.

  • Goddamn it Travis Touchdown is awesome and awesomely badass, yet he somehow manages to also be a great big dork. He's not a hero, he's not likable, in fact he's a great bug jackass and yet somehow I love the guy.

  • Oh the tragedy that is Sigurd's life. He's almost like a classic Shakespearean hero and his tragic flaw is that he trusts people far too easily. He stands out as a Fire Emblem lord that is also a very impressive fighter, which is ironic since he's also the only one I can think of to fall in battle, although he's technically executed.

  • Snake's become one of the most iconic characters in gaming now and with good reason. He's an emotionally deep and yet also mysterious character. Over the course of the games he's been in we've caught small glimpses of his character and they've finally built up to a conclusion in Metal Gear Solid 4. A lot of people didn't like it but I personally liked being able to see Snake from the perspective of another person in Metal Gear Solid 2.

  • Second Ryu on the list. Despite being a silent character Ryu is still somehow characterised in little ways that I love. Even though it's a different Ryu every time he feels like a familiar character in every game.

  • Soap is badass and his name's Soap, that's the coolest nickname ever! Also, could you rip a knife out of your chest and then throw it into the eye of the man who just stabbed you with it?! I don't think you fucking could mate! (also a fellow brit)

  • My favorite member of the Belmont clan. I like his clothes, his theme music is probably the best in the entire series and he probably has the most to his character out of all the Belmonts. I rather like the human aspect of Richter, in that he was probably the most powerful member of the clan but he cursed them for centuries to come by falling under the power of the dark priest Shaft.

  • The robot with a heart of gold. Aigis' journey to become human and her love for the main character are some of the most touching moments I've seen in any medium.