Neon941: Favorites

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  • One of the first J-RPGs I actually gave a serious care about, though not the first Final Fantasy I played, FF7 came out right around the time I was really getting into that sort of thing and as such it left a huge impression on me. These days the game's a little hard to play because it looks kinda terrible and the translation is sometimes quite poor, but it's a very fond memory all the same.

  • It's really a shame Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu wasn't released outside of Japan, because it's some of the best gaming the SNES has to offer. There was a time when I played this game through at least once a year. It's not the most I've spent on a game I probably shouldn't bother owning, that honour belongs to it's sequel Fire Emblem: Thracia 776, but it's the pride of my Super Famicom collection. The plot twist in the middle is also Call of Duty 4 shock worthy, I guess that's your hint as to what it is.

  • Best game in the Sonic series by a long long way, back on the Genesis where Sonic really meant something to Sega. Lock it onto Sonic and Knuckles and it's easily the best 2D platformer ever made. It's epic and fast paced and the final stage rushing through space as Super Sonic is one of my personal favorite moments in gaming.

  • Best game in the Warcraft series, including World of Warcraft. I don't really care to think how many hours of my childhood were sunk into this game.

  • Absolutely stunning J-RPG with a complex and highly relevant story and some of the most deep and moving characters I've ever seen in any medium. Battles are fun and strategic and the gameplay is incredibly well paced. It's the perfect swan song for the PS2.

  • Probably the best game in the Resident Evil series and now famous for how it revolutionised the third-person shooting genre. Even if you aren't into Resident Evil you should give this game a look, it looks great and it's just a lot of fun to play.

  • Horribly overlooked tactical RPG, one of the reasons I bought a PS3 and well worth the price. Valkyria Chronicles fixes and then goes on to improve absolutely everything about the genre. It looks incredibly original and most importantly beautiful, it stands out in this era of dark, muddy visuals. It's got a compelling narrative that mirrors World War II, but maintains a fantasy setting, allowing it to play around a bit more with the setting than other World War II games.

  • Excellent RPG, probably the very best that the Dreamcast has to offer and one of the very best of it's era. It's premise is so incredibly original and it makes for some gameplay elements that really make it stand out. Some of the highlights are owning your own airship which you can customise for battle and a crew that you have to travel around gathering together and can also customise to fit your needs. The soundtrack's awesome too.

    I find it to be a sadly overlooked game.

  • Great fighting game that just feels good all around. There's no story but it's status as a dream match game does mean that it's free to throw tons of characters into the mix. I like this version of King of Fighters the most because the moves tend to feel the most comfortable to perform and the teams are the most classic combinations.

  • I love this game mostly because it feels so right to play. It's reached a balance where the animations look gorgeous, but it doesn't come at the cost of gameplay, something I feel Street Fighter III struggled with. I like the music and the cast of characters a lot too, it replaces all of Fatal Fury's characters except for main man Terry Bogard, but the cast that comes in instead feels as good, if not better (again, something Street Fighter III did not do so well).