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The manliest men alive

 These are the most manly examples of manliness from across the gaming world.

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  • Mike is an ex-wrestler who will gladly crush your skull with his bare hands while screaming in your face. This guy sweats pure manliness and refuses to take a shower to wash it off.

  • Pretty obvious one, Duke kicks ass and chews bubble gum, unless he's all outta gum. So manly that he can't get women off his mind even during a little thing like an alien invasion.

  • Kanji's more man than most guys out there and he's not even a man yet. He's not afraid to show that he's got a more sensitive side and he'll beat the crap outta you if you laugh at him for it.

  • Giant scar, gravelly voice, giant gun with a chainsaw on it. Yep Marcus Fenix is manly alright, argue and he'll be happy to crush your skull with his size 16 boot.

  • Do I really need to explain this one? His name is Solid Snake, I think that's all that needs to be said.

  • Similar to Mike Haggar but Russian, Zangief is also one of the only men I can think of that can grow shin hair, forests of shin hair.

  • Swears like a sailor and has a gun for an arm, not that he needs a gun to kick your ass.

  • He's effin' Batman!

  • Well I guess he tears things apart with his bare hands, scowls a whole bunch and likes to have sex with more than one woman at a time. Sounds manly to me.

  • Ripped a knife out of his chest and threw it right into a gent's eye, end of discussion!

  • He nails two hot blondes over the course of two days, regularly walks around without a shirt on and can murder people with his sick twisted mind. Also comfortable with his sexuality.

  • Really? He's the Doom guy.