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Shattered indeed... 2

   Alright, as a student of the english school system I'm always tempted to write a big informative essay when I write a game review, no less than 2000 words, no more than 5000 words with at least one reference to scones and/or tea, but I'm not gonna do that for this game. No, my single statement review for this game:  "DON'T BUY IT!"     that's it, I'm not gonna write anymore. Alright maybe just a bit. Let me at least start by saying that I really like the Bleach franchise, in fact it's one of ...

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The Dark Knight returns 0

   As far as comic book characters go, Batman has been treated better by videogame developers than say Superman. Nonetheless most people would say he hasn't enjoyed a good game since the original Batman game on the NES. That changes dramatically with Arkham Asylum which is not only a fantastic Batman game, it's an original and solid title all in it's own right.      Arkham Asylum's atmosphere is unmatched and sets the perfect tone throughout. It feels suitably gritty as most people want their Ba...

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An average Fantasy... 2

   Let's be straight before I begin this review, the Final Fantasy series is awesome and has delivered quality entries for years, starting from the very first up to around the tenth game. That's pretty good, not many game series can claim to maintain their quality for such a long period of time. My favorites will undoubtedly be the games that came out during the Playstation years, whether it's because those are the games that came out when I was into J-RPGs the most or because they really are th...

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Cute anime girls blowin' stuff up! 1

   If the title of the review didn't impress you very much then turn back now, because that condenses all of what Trigger Heart Exelica is into a few words. That is that it's a vertical scrolling shoot em' up in which you control a cute anime girl who wears jetgear and carries a giant gun which you use to mow down waves of enemy ships. This insane concept may be enough to put off players who aren't so easilly amused by such things, but that kind of person should give this game a second look, und...

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Time to get your claws out, bub 0

   Games based on movies are almost always terrible, it's a proven fact, proven by science! From the begining of X-men Origins: Wolverine's development though Raven has been telling us that they were going to make a great Wolverine game despite it being a movie based game. I'm happy to say that they certainly weren't lying, X-men Origins is a good game, it does however have a few technical issues and a problem with repetition which prevent it from becoming great.   First off the game looks prett...

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Catfight time! 0

   Arcana Heart is a 2D fighting game with a lot of style and depth to it and there's girls, in fact only girls. Every character in Arcana Heart is a young girl with ages ranging from 10-17. As you'd probably expect from that, Arcana Heart seems to have fanservice in mind and was probably geared slightly towards males with a loilita complex. However Arcana Heart shouldn't be judged by that, while it is lacking a bit of dignity, it does keep the fanservice to a minimum and on top of that presents...

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Fire Emblem enters the states with a bang! 2

I'll start out by saying that I've been a big fan of the Fire Emblem series since I played an import version of Fire Emblem 6: Sword of Seals, which I loved so much I played through about 3/4 of the game despite not understanding a word of japanese. When I found out that Fire Emblem 7: The blazing sword was going to get an english translation I was over the moon and this game has lived up to my expectations and more since day 1. The only unfortunate thing is that this game is slightly overshadow...

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A masterpiece and a revolution for the series 0

If you've played Resident Evil 4 then you know that it's one of the quintessential masterpieces of our generation, just as our parents had Pong and Pac-man, we have received Resident Evil 4. This game looks, plays and feels great all around, hardly anything else can top this experience.The graphics in the PS2 version look absolutely wonderful. Leon, the protagonist from Resident Evil 2 looks great with an updated look and great animations. Leon moves so realistically, his kicks look great, he mo...

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Jump right into the middle of the action! 4

I'll start out by admitting that I'm not a past fan of the Call of Duty games, though not out of dislike, more out of ignorance or just never having a chance to play them. Call of Duty 4 is my first true step into the series and on the subject matter I'd say it's akin to stepping out onto the middle of a battlefield without going through boot camp first. So yes, I died a lot, it's pretty realistic and hard, but most importantly it's intense and immersive.The single player story is short, I'll ge...

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The breakout game of the series 0

Fire Emblem 4: Geneology of The Holy War is the 4th title in the Fire Emblem series and the 2nd to be released on the SNES (after the remake of Fire Emblem 1 and it's sequel Fire Emblem 3) and is hotly debated to be the best game in the Fire Emblem series, even after the release of the more recent Fire Emblem titles.Fire Emblem 4 took full advantage of the SNES's capabilities with rich colours and huge maps. It lacked the sharper and even more richly detailed maps and sprites of it's sequel Fire...

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Sonic Chronicles, Sonic's first step into RPG land 0

   Hardy any red blooded Sonic fan could say that they weren't at all excited for this game, Sonic with a decent developer at the helm once more is a hard thing to pass up. Sonic Chronicles ultimately turns out to be a worthwhile game, with some confusingly bad presentation choices that let it down a little and make it somewhat akin to driving down a very senic road that's riddled with pot holes.    One of the first things you'll notice about Sonic Chronicles is that it is almost entirely contro...

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