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Changing Times

I do think that the sale of used games is a definite problem, since it can have a substantial impact on game companies, however, with things as they are, its a much better value to buy used games, because you may only save 5-10 bucks now, but if you make a lot of game purchases, then the savings add up to a lot. If I can buy a new copy of a game, I certainly will, because I believe that if you love gaming, and that if you play games a lot, then you should honor the good games that developers make by buying them new. If all of us gamers buy a lot of the great games out there, then there will be a lot less crap being shoved out the door by developers wanting to make a quick buck, but I digress. Bottom line, until people get more money to spend on luxuries such as games, used game sales are going to get better and better, and the only real thing that can be done to change it is for the world's economy to return to normal.