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Olive Wilde better be worth it

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I got Sly Cooper and the Thevius Racoonus when i was 14 and the whole Sly trilogy brings bak very fond memories. I love the Characters and the pace of the game, I've herd that Sly 4 will have fewer to no missions with Murray and few with Bently, keeping the focus squarely where it belongs, on Sly himself. The first games were great for their sense of humor, the great cell shaded graphics and all the crazy and fun stuff the game had you pulling off as Sly and the team. The story and the art style are what really sucked me in. Hate him or love him i believe that Dane Cook is correct when he says any guy would love to pull off a heist. I love the idea of a wise cracking racoon playing Robin Hood while trying to follow in the family business. Also I think the series deserves some recognition from the board for trying 3D before it was cool again, even if it failed it wasn't a total lost cause. Here's hoping the 4th installment is a bit more gritty but without losing that childhood appeal that the series had for me. The people at Sucker Punch are great developers and I cant wait to see the final product, keep me posted on any info you hear!

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Mark Wahlberg signs up to play Nathan Drake in the movie directed by David O. Russell.   Russell is said to have calls out to Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci for other members of the Drake family (father and uncle respectively) Its a stray from the story of the series but Nathan's family history and ties to Sir Francis Drake are sure to come into play