All time favourites

They may not be your favourites. They may not even be the best. But they will always have a special place in my heart.

It's interesting to see how my tastes have changes over the years.

List items

  • I'd play this after school whilst on the phone to a friend. He'd try one solution as I tried another. Eventually we got through it.

    Brilliant writing and still funny to me all these years later.

  • Imagine sitting at home with an Amiga and 24 floppies lined up around you. Now imagine playing this so much that you know what order to keep those floppies in to minimise the time taken between swaps.

    I spent an entire summer working to save up for a second floppy drive at an age when I should have been outside. A friends father had a laptop that he broke and gave me the 20mb hard drive from it.

    I modified my Amiga and installed 2 things - Workbench and Monkey Island 2.

  • I was a beast and I was unplayable.

    Hardly surprising given how long I spent playing this.

  • When I wasn't playing Sensi, I was playing this. I took on the nickname 'Statto' for a while because I'd memorised pretty much every squad in England. I recall getting an award at school because we were put on the spot and told to give a presentation with only 10 minutes notice. I gave a talk on the number of foreign players in English football as I knew them from heart thanks to this.

    Incredibly, I wasn't a lonely child.

  • I had this on a CD-ROM for the C64. That's right a CD-ROMC64! It was a strange little gizmo that plugged into the back of the computer and then to your CD player via audio leads. You'd select the track number of the game you wanted and off you went.

    The best game on the disc was MULE and it was unlike anything I'd played before seeing as it was neither a platform game or a racing game.

  • Another C64 game that I recall being amazed by.

  • One of, if not the first PC game I owned. My friends and I would time each other in races against the computer and try to beat each other.

    I've seen this is now on GOG, but I don't want to spoil the nostalgia.

  • I'm a Spurs fan and this was the best football game on the C64.

  • The graphics were out of the this world for the time.

  • The Gameboy version. Nothing else even comes close.

  • Mario was good; but Duck Hunt was great to the 9 year old kid that got a NES for his birthday.

  • I had the Amiga version and never new that there were lots of pre-rendered movies on the PC.

  • I had the Gameboy version.

  • I jumped for joy when I saw that it had been released on iOS and then died a little inside when I saw what EA has done to it.

  • It's probably best that we don't go into the begging that came out with to get this game.

  • I'd play this with my cousin. It's about the only thing we'd agree on! Still a great soundtrack today.

  • I love Indiana Jones in the same way that others love Link. This game let me be Indi.

  • Great game, amazing setting. Would love to see a reboot in the same style.

  • Mario Kart: Super Circuit

    I never had a SNES so this was the first version I played. Therefore it will always be held more dearly then the others.

  • I was stupidly good at this for a while. I had movements of every vehicle memorised for some tracks.

    Its strange to think my brain even worked like that at one point.

  • Sniper rifle. Enough said.

  • First Civ game that I played.

  • It is insane in a good way.

  • I knew I had to buy an Xbox 360 the second that I saw the first screenshots of this. Best in the series for me as it just felt so huge in scope. Taking out the planetary exploration and the lifts may have sped the game up for some, but it took me out of the universe and made the subsequent games feel small by comparison.

  • Games, comics and stories. Perfect combination.

  • Wow, I just didn't see this coming.

  • I believe I've mentioned I like crazy games.

  • Must explore, must find everything.

  • I'm in the shadows, my bow is drawn and I'm going to kill you and you'll never even have seen me coming.

  • I love games that tell a story and has interaction between characters, and this has plenty of both.

  • I loved pretty much everything about this game from the story to the characters and of course the gameplay. For about a month this game consumed me.

  • Always loved the series, and this is the best one so far.