Favorite to Least Favorite KotOR 1 & 2 Main Characters

Yup. These are my opinions only!

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  • Ok, what's not to like about this character! Female or male, dark or light side, I've always enjoyed playing this character in the first game.

  • Lots of people put Atton "Jaq" Rand down for being a scoundrel-type character like Han Solo, but to me it's not like that. I love Atton so, so much because he has an amazing backstory, and a great romance with the Exile. The scoundrel-type behavior is all an act, and Atton Rand is a man of many faces.

  • I love this character because she and Atton are SOO perfect together and she has a very unique backstory! Plus, I loved playing as her in the second game, she works best for me when she's a female. Unfortunately, I was greatly disappointed when I read the book Revan and learned that, well... you know.

  • Though Bastila was a bit annoying in the first game, I grew to enjoy her character because of the relationship she develops with the male Revan. Until she got captured, I used her all the time.

  • Honestly, everyone comparing good ol' Carth to Han Solo is crazy. Yeah, he has some trust issues, but his relationship with female Revan is awesome! However, I don't ship them as much as I ship Meetra and Atton.

  • Kreia/Darth Traya's role in the second game is one to be admired. Yeah, she disagreed with literally all of my characters decisions, but her philosophy is really cool.

  • I'm so glad I got to journey with Canderous/Mandalore in two games. He's so supportive of Revan and is great to have around, and tells awesome stories. However, I didn't use Canderous that much after Taris, but I did complete his quest.

  • Oooh, many people bash on this character for being annoying. Yeah, he is annoying, and he's super boring, but I have to admire him for how LIGHT he is!

  • Yeah. Visas is a very cool companion who sees through the Force, and is probably the person I ship most with a male Exile. I love her backstory as Nihilus's apprentice.

  • I know it's weird, but I actually ship Malak with a female dark side Revan. Come on, think about it, it's not that weird? Plus, even though he's a weird villain with a trademark laugh, his jaw is cool!

  • He's so awesome. I like how he is tied to the Exile's past, and he's super helpful. As Atton said, he should go start a circus.

  • Sleeps-with-vibroblades is a very cool but sad character. Plus, I find it funny and a little weird that he loves the Exile?!

  • I love how Nihilus is basically the dark side version of the Exile. He is a wound in the Force, and consumes people too.

  • I'm guessing people are going to bash on me for not having HK at the top of this list. He's really funny and all, but I never felt it was worth it to repair him or use him anywhere but on Tatooine.

  • Hah! Mission Vao was pretty great to have around, even though she's only 14! She was very helpful on Taris. However, I didn't find myself using her anywhere but on Taris.

  • Mira is pretty badass, if I do say so myself. I like her backstory and all, and she's got quite the attitude. I love her banter with Atton, it's hilarious!

  • Brianna is pretty emotionless, but I find it cool that her mother was Master Kae. Her banter with Atton is also extremely hilarious!!!

  • Jolee's pretty powerful, and he's definitely wise. I love sitting down next to him and listening to his stories. But other than that, he's not that memorable to me.

  • Lots of people hate Juhani because she's ugly and annoying, but I guess I like having her around. I use her a lot, and she's a pretty powerful Jedi Guardian. I like having her break out everyone on the Leviathan, too.

  • He's a kind of boring little droid, but he's amazingly cute, too, and I like it when he plays pazaak with Atton. It's a shame that he got blown to smithereens on Dromund Kaas.

  • Zaalbar is an awesome Wookie, and my favorite in both games! Unfortunately, other than his backstory on Kashyyyk, I don't think I ever used him in my game.

  • He's a pretty cool droid with a very unique and interesting backstory, but he isn't that memorable to me.

  • I like how he's got that struggle with a life-debt to Mira, but other than that, he's a pretty forgettable character.

  • Trask, I hate to say this, but you sacrificed yourself for no reason.

  • I tend to like villains, a lot, but it all depends on their characterization and backstory. Saul Karath has zero backstory, and it seems like he's just evil. Shame.