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How Was Your Weekend? Fatality Edition (4/27/2015)

I had to skip a post last week as I was lazy and didn't play much. This week is a different story!

Mortal Kombat X

Part of the reason I didn't get to play much last week was because I was waiting for my copy of Mortal Kombat X to arrive (damn you Amazon for taking away release date delivery however many years ago, I'm still bitter about it!). I'm most definitely not a big fighting game fan but Mortal Kombat has always been a series near and dear to my heart solely for the universe, and not so much the mechanics. After the awesome re-telling of the first three games in 2013's MK, I was really looking forward to getting back into the series with X.

Mortal Kombat is definitely still Mortal Kombat, and my lack of fighting game knowledge means I don't want to spend time talking too much about the actual gameplay. Scorpion still throws a spear by pressing back forward X - enough said. What I enjoyed about getting back to the universe of multiple realms was again, the story. This time around wasn't as compelling as MK9, but I still had a blast, and was engaged the entirety of the story.

This iteration of the series introduced a little smattering of new characters, 4 of which I originally thought were lazy cop-outs. The children of Johnny Cage/Sonya Blade, Jax, Kung Lao and Kenshi just seemed so bland at first. I prefer the weird underworld/sorcerer/elder god/mutant characters of MK much more than the Earthrealm fighters. The classics will always be classics for sure, but how different could their kids be? Turns out, different enough that I really grew to like each one of them. By forcing me to play as each new Special Forces agent in the story, the game allowed me to get to know their move lists, as well as their personalities, in a relatively rewarding way.

I didn't get to play with Erron Black much yet, the Dvorah story arc was cool and her entire character just grosses me out (a positive), I didn't enjoy playing as Kotal Kahn and I have no interest in Ferra/Tor due to never liking larger characters in fighting games.

I'm still ok with seeing mostly familiar faces with this series. I know by the 10th game now this may seem boring or lazy, but Scorpion and Sub-Zero will always be cool as hell in my book. I've completed the story and will just be getting my ass handed to me online, while making my way through the Krypt. The amount of Koins needed seems to be ramping up really fast, so I doubt I'll ever complete it, but for now its a fun objective.

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

I mentioned a few weeks ago how much fun I had with coop, and I finally grabbed the game for myself. The drones and super attacks add just enough variation for the 3rd (4th?) entry in the series to feel fresh. I hate the boss levels, they add nothing to the experience for me, especially when paired with some of the more frustrating level designs where you can't see around corners. But, I plan to score attack for awhile. If anyone is playing on Xbox One, feel free to add me, I need more people to beat! My gamertag is NlCKHEAD (that's a lower case 'L' as the 'i').


- Snowpiercer had such an interesting premise, with some really cool scenes, but dragged and ended terribly. I can't really recommend it other than it's...unique.

- Everyone should watch Silicon Valley on HBO.

- I grabbed Crypt of the Necrodancer on a steam sale this week, as it is now fully released. I'm very excited for this game, especially the soundtrack.

- 2v1 Podcast Ep. #23

So how was your weekend?

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