GOTY 2017

hello i managed to play more games this year! two of them are from 2015/2016 but i didn't get around to them until this year. as usual i still have some stuff i'll get around to. i really have to limit some of the console game purchases because they are often nearly $100

besides this list was my usual heavy mix of online stuff e.g. overwatch, WoW, league, etc

also destiny 2 isn't on here because so far it seems really bad!! i got it for cheap and i'm glad because it seems really disappointing and empty. i'm only about 8 hours in though

List items

  • cappy is the nicest and i love cappy

    i don't think i can go back to a 3d mario without cappy.

  • i love it i love it i love it i love it

  • pretty sure i liked this more than zelda, fight me

  • but zelda is still extremely good

  • i made a new character and played from the very beginning, since i hadn't played since the game first came out. so i got a triple whammy of improved vanilla, heavensward, and stormblood.

    IMO the story in FFXIV, especially in its expansions, is very very good and puts WoW to shame

    there's a moment in heavensward where a pretty emotional cutscene finishes, the music does not stop, you queue for the raid boss from that cutscene, and the music keeps playing and has multiple transitions during the raid fight. that was incredible

    recommending this game is very hard because it takes hundreds of hours to get through the story, but fuck it's good. also there's a very good joke storyline

  • the animation in this game is actually fucked

  • still playing it! i have mixed feelings... it feels like a disaster mess of a game in a ton of ways, but it's still usually fun. everybody wants to fight me in this game for No Reason and they will fight to the death if i so much as breathe on them

  • really unhappy with the way it ended, but everything else is very good. overall would recommend

  • this game is so bizarre, i feel like it could be pretty damn good with a large number of changes... it's coming to PC so i'm hoping a highly modded version could be really awesome

  • really enjoyed it as a new genre and for how silly it is, but i was extremely frustrated by how poorly it ran and how buggy it was.

    also i really don't like bullet drop at all, combine that with how shitty the game runs and i never felt happy with the way the guns shoot. also shotguns + early game lag are a disaster.

    as somebody who Extremely values games that control well, this game made me want to explode into a million tiny pieces

  • didn't get to play this until 2017 -- really enjoyed this one!

  • i did that thing with this game where you can't play it for a while and then you don't want to get back into it anymore. but it was pretty fun up until that point!

  • holy shit this game rules, this game is extremely my shit

  • pretty short and the art style/music wasn't my fav (nothing wrong with them though), but it was pretty fun to blast through